Chris Pratt opens up about his dad’s death and how it relates to his fictional characters

Chris Pratt opens up about his dad’s death and how it relates to his fictional characters
Chris Pratt opens up about his dad’s death and how it relates to his fictional characters


For several years, Chris Pratt He tirelessly sought to find that role that would catapult him to fame. The performer little by little obtained better roles that increased his popularity, but it was not until the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy, that Pratt did not become one of the great stars of today’s Hollywood. That film of Marvel, Released in 2014, it was a turning point in the actor’s career, although that same year he mourned the death of his father. Chris’s relationship with that father figure was not easy at all and in a note in the cycle Sway in the Morningthe interpreter referred to that topic.

“I hadn’t thought about that,” Pratt confessed when asked if he was looking for fictional characters, who had a dynamic relationship with his parents. And later, the actor reflected: “It is true that the relationship I had with my father was quite complicated, so there are things of mine in those characters. “Maybe it’s not a coincidence.”

In another part of the talk, Pratt highlighted that in a comedy it is important to find “an emotional arc that provides a concrete structure to a film” and detailed: “If this is not the case, the viewer ends up getting tired of watching it over and over again. the same easy jokes. Because if it’s not a drama, you should be able to take all the jokes out of it and find a dramatic arc throughout the story.”

Jon, Garfield and Odie in a scene from Garfield: Away from HomeIMDB

Regarding the movie Garfield, the funny cat who starred in comics, cartoons and who in his new arrival to the cinema has the voice of Pratt, the actor assured: “This idea is articulated in how Garfield feels this abandonment with his father. And that is a very deep feeling that I think a lot of people will be able to empathize with.” Finally, and with the intention of relaxing a conversation that had become too solemn, the star concluded: “The one about Garfield “It is the most dramatic performance a feline has ever had.”

Chris’s father’s name was Daniel Clifton Pratt, and was professionally dedicated to remodeling houses. His death occurred in 2014, due to multiple sclerosis.

Chris Pratt with Tony McFarrCapture

A few days ago, Pratt took to his Instagram account to share the sad news of the death of his usual stunt double, and in that post he dedicated some heartfelt words to his colleague. “Devastated at the news of the loss of my friend, stuntman Tony McFarr”, assured the actor, who later added: “We made many films together. We played golf, drank whiskey, smoked cigars and spent endless hours filming. I will never forget his rudeness. I remember he once took a really bad hit on the head during the title sequence of guardians of the galaxy 2 and after giving himself several stitches, he returned to work ready to do it one more time. “He was really tough.”

In the last section of the message, Pratt said goodbye as follows: “He was always a gentleman and a true professional. We’ll miss you. My prayers to his friends, his family and especially his daughter.”

Chris Pratt on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 3Jessica Miglio

According to McFarr’s mother, her son died at the age of 47, “unexpectedly,” while he was at home in Orlando. The woman reported that the double did not suffer from any illness and that he was “healthy and active.” In several of his most important feature films, Pratt worked side by side with the aforementioned Tony McFarr, who was with him in the saga. Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. Over the years, both shared several shoots and that is why the early death of the action scene specialist shocked the popular actor. Garfield.


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