Tribute to Omar Geles: a Panamanian hairdresser created a painting in his honor with hair

Tribute to Omar Geles: a Panamanian hairdresser created a painting in his honor with hair
Tribute to Omar Geles: a Panamanian hairdresser created a painting in his honor with hair

This was the particular farewell that a hairdresser in Panama gave to Omar Geles – credit Infobae montage/ photos Colprensa and @beikeerrr_barberrr/IG

This is Jorge Ernesto Chavarría, a man from Panama who made a work of art with the hair that remains after cuts and remembered the Vallenato singer-songwriter taking advantage of the tributes that are being paid to him in different places as a farewell.

It is worth mentioning that the world of vallenato music, the fans of Omar Geles, family and colleagues They are mourning the sudden death of the artist on May 21 in Valledupar after suffering cardiorespiratory arrest while playing tennis.

As a result of this, many figures in entertainment and social networks have sought a way, in their own way, to pay tribute and dedicate a space to the composer to commemorate his work and influence.

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In fact, in the most recent shows of Juanes in Bogotá, the Antioquian did not miss the opportunity and sang one of the most famous songs of the late artist. An act that was done in a big way, since on Thursday, May 23, it was with Carlos Vives and on Friday, May 24, with Andrés Cepeda and Fonseca.

This was the tribute that Juanes paid with Carlos Vives to the deceased Omar Geles – credit Marygdeoz/TikTok

These acts add to the millions of displays of solidarity, sadness, respect and admiration that millions of followers have made and shared on different digital platforms, because in this way they want to show what the departure of this vallenato king and the brand has meant. that he left with his work in life.

Even the power and influence of Omar Geles was so great during the years in which he sang vallenato music that he reached other countries where he also left an indelible mark. So much so that A renowned barber and content creator from Panama demonstrated his taste and respect for the artist with a particular work of art.

With the aim of commemorating, remembering and saying goodbye to the author of The ways of the lifeJorge Ernesto Chavarría, better known in the world of social media and beauty as Beiker Barber, He made a painting of Omar Geles’s face with the remains of hair left by the cuts he makes at his hair salon.

The young man is a prominent barber and artist who has managed to achieve great fame for the way in which he can build paintings of the faces of international figures with just pieces of hair.

Painting with only remains of hair in tribute to Omar Geles – credit @beikeerrr_barberrr/IG

In this opportunity He dedicated himself to creating the painting with the face of the late Colombian singer and shared the process in video and photos through his social networks. According to what can be seen in the images, the Panamanian artist takes the remains of hair that were collected from the ground and start recreating a photo.

However, it is not the only time that he has done it, as already mentioned, he has repeatedly published different samples of this particular work that he does in addition to his hair and beard cuts.

Among his most notable works you can see that he has done Akira Toriyama, Karol G, Pelé, Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and 50 Cent, among many others. But his most recent composition received all the applause and praise from the followers because it captured the face of Omar Geles in an important moment.

This was the process of creating Omar Geles’ face with hair made by a barber from Panama – credit @beikeerrr_barberrr/IG

The funeral of Omar Geles took place on May 23 in the city of Valledupar in front of a crowd that accompanied the 57-year-old composer, among them were fans, family members and dozens of colleagues who took advantage of the opportunity to sing notes and songs. with those who remembered the legacy of more than 900 songs that the singer-songwriter left behind.

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