Luis Mateucci makes Daniela Aránguiz miserable in “Win ​​or Serve?” – Publimetro Chile

Luis Mateucci makes Daniela Aránguiz miserable in “Win ​​or Serve?” – Publimetro Chile
Luis Mateucci makes Daniela Aránguiz miserable in “Win ​​or Serve?” – Publimetro Chile

In the most recent episode of “Win ​​or Serve?”, Luis Mateucci opened up about his relationship with Daniela Aránguiz, with whom he would have broken up before entering Channel 13’s confinement.

It should be remembered that the clarification was given after Daniela Colett stopped his cars in an activity due to the intense flirtation they are having within the reality show, where the player clarified that his romance with the showbiz panelist is on “stand by.” .

Given this, Oriana Marzoli spoke with the Brazilian to try to solve the problem since she tried to leave Luis in a bad light in front of all his teammates.

“You want to expose him publicly so that you look like you are poor and he is the bad guy,” he told Colett, who responded that Luis “is screwing me all the time, conquering me, getting closer, I wasn’t looking for him.”

According to Marzoli, Daniela’s mistake was arriving here saying that Aránguiz was her friend and that she had codes. Then, the Brazilian confessed that she had a disagreement with Aránguiz before entering. “Notice that when she came here I told her that she was coming to the reality show, and she took a screenshot of that and told the journalists, so she is not a friend of mine,” Colett revealed.

“Then why the hell do you say you were his friend? She clarifies why you are going to look disloyal and a traitor. And don’t look so hard for Luis, he likes to conquer,” Oriana advised him.

“I do not want to fall in love. It’s hard for me to fall in love and every time I fall in love with someone they hurt me, they break my heart,” Daniela answered.

Simultaneously, the Argentine assured Claudio Valdivia that “I’m not going for her, she’s coming for me. I let myself go, but there can’t be love in three days. And I’m not going to jump into the pool if I’m not sure if there is water.”

Luis’ words about Aránguiz

After this eternal misunderstanding, Oriana spoke with Luis about the conversation she had with Colett, and the accusation she made against Daniela Aránguiz.

“The whole summer since they called me to Viña, she thought she was going to be the star and I was going to be the star, that’s not the case. These are things that I distrust her and have always distrusted. I know when she acts up, and she’s not as dead a fly as she says she is. “She makes herself the perfect woman but I have some doubts,” The trans-Andean man complained about his ex-partner, ensuring that on more than one occasion they argued over “egos.”

“I believe that it is not a dead fly, but that It’s kind of insecure. A person who continually talks badly about all women says the same thing to Fran, to me. She criticized me thousands of times on the reality show, the fans sent it to me. She (…) she is a calculator”Oriana explained.

I liked her as a womanand that’s the same thing I see in this girl,” said Mateucci.

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