The 8 Steps: a participant said that he was a priest and was moved when he revealed the reason why he left the habits

The 8 Steps: a participant said that he was a priest and was moved when he revealed the reason why he left the habits
The 8 Steps: a participant said that he was a priest and was moved when he revealed the reason why he left the habits

The 8 Steps: he said that he was a priest and revealed the reason why he left the habits (Video: The 8 Steps – El Trece)

Each broadcast of The 8 Steps (El Trece) causes a sensation among viewers thanks to the participants who pass through the studio, who measure their knowledge and captivate with their different stories. On this occasion, emotion reigned in the program, as a man told his strong life story in front of the camera. David was the protagonist of that night, since he not only said that he was a priest, but also revealed that he left the habits.

I got married to be a dad. Now I work in a school as a preceptor”, revealed the 51-year-old man, after volunteering to start playing the first step. His confession left Guido Kaczka speechless, who tried to find out more details about his life story. “Yes, I left the Ministry, which I loved, because he wanted to be a dad. I wanted to have children“explained the player.

“And I’ll tell you something, I met the best woman I could have ever met.”the participant continued, with an open heart, while the cameras showed Andrea, his partner, who went to support him from the platform of the program. Along the same lines, the former priest gave details of his first meeting: “When we met I almost left, because he was like five minutes late for the first date.”. Although this surprised the host, the man explained that he did not like tardiness at all, which is why he almost left the meeting.

However, since that moment they remain together, since they could not separate their paths. “We got to know each other, we fell in love and At one point she tells me that the doctors told her that she couldn’t have children because she had an illness. We walked to Luján, a month later she became pregnant and today I have three children”revealed the competitor, who caused a whirlwind of emotions in the broadcast of the cycle.

He moved with his life story when he said that he was a priest and managed to win Los 8 Escalones (Video: Los 8 Escalones – El Trece)

“My children are everything and my wife too, obviously”, he confessed after being applauded by everyone present in the studio, especially by Guido, who told him that his story was impressive. Confident in the support of his family, and the jury after telling his story, David brought out his competitive side when playing. Although he only made 13 correct ones, he got what he needed to emerge victorious from the steps.

“In which of these provinces did the police quarter in the radio command, on May 17, demanding better salaries? Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Mendoza or Misiones”, was the question that awarded the former priest the grand prize. It was carried out by the journalist Federico Seeber, who waited patiently for the man or his opponent to give the correct option. No one knew that it was the last of the provinces mentioned, but that It was enough for David to win three million pesos because he had a better performance during the competition.

When the result was known, the driver could not help but reveal his emotion and said: “David, who was a priest for five years, wanted to be a father and left the priesthood. He is a professor of Religious Sciences, a preceptor and always ends his sentences with ‘God bless you’”. For his part, the player also made clear the happiness he felt at being victorious: “She (his wife) had more faith than me”.

The truth is that he did not reveal the destination of the millionaire prize, but he did make it clear that this Monday he was going to return to try to double the value of what he won. He even had the possibility of buying the key to play in the brand new apartment. But David He did not give in and decided to go for more in the next broadcast.

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