Cata Pulido revealed why her son went to live abroad – Publimetro Chile

Cata Pulido revealed why her son went to live abroad – Publimetro Chile
Cata Pulido revealed why her son went to live abroad – Publimetro Chile

Catalina Pulido was a guest in the new episode of “We Can Talk,” where she not only spoke about her work projects but also referred to an important decision in relation to her family life.

In this context, it is where the former panelist of “Las Indomables” revealed the true reason why her son wanted to leave Chile to start a new life in Canada.

In the first instance, the actress acknowledged that it was she who had the idea due to the various episodes of crime that affect our country today, which would have raised concern regarding the future of her offspring.

I urgently took him out of this country because I don’t like him, I feel insecure.”, he commented at the beginning of the conversation with Julio César Rodriguez.

Regarding how her son is doing in the foreign country, Catalina assured that he is much better than here, in fact, she highlighted that he is earning a good salary at his job.

“He has been working for a month and he is already working, he is in construction and he earns the same as here in one day”explained the panelist.

“It was no life for him”

Although that is not all, since another of the reasons why she decided to send him to the North American country was that her son has been a victim of violent episodes.

They assaulted him five times with a gun to the head, from the age of 15 onwards, that is, he is alive because God is great, because next door to the President’s house, they assault you, you hand over your cell phone and they also kill you.“, he expressed, taking advantage of criticizing the government of the current president Gabriel Boric.

According to her, “it was not life for him and life for me, that is, this is a country that was unlivable.””, complemented Paty Maldonado’s friend on Chilevisión’s nighttime program.

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