Britney Spears reported the theft of several jewelry from her home

Britney Spears reported the theft of several jewelry from her home
Britney Spears reported the theft of several jewelry from her home

Britney Spears showed how her closet was empty after being a victim of robbery EFE/EPA/NINA PROMMER

Britney Spears He gave something to talk about again after having claimed last Sunday that he was the victim of a robbery in his home. In a video posted to her Instagram account, Spears, 42, showed off a nearly empty jewelry box and commented: “Friends, seriously, all my jewelry was stolen. Come? There is nothing. Well, there is a Virgin Mary… I’m scared. Everything has disappeared. All my jewelry is gone”.

Spears insisted in the video’s description that she finds it difficult to buy new jewelry due to fear that it will also disappear. The singer of hits like “Toxic” and “Oops! “I Did It Again” explained that, as a precautionary measure, she has chosen to purchase jewelry “cheap and fake”, but that it is “difficult” for her to have lost some of her most precious pieces that were made especially for her. “My baby cross that I wore since I was 4 is gone…it’s so thin,” she lamented.

Britney Spears reported the theft of her jewelry through Instagram (Credit: Instagram/Britney Spears)

This is not the first time that the singer has reported a robbery at her home. In August 2021, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Spears had called police to report a burglary at her Thousand Oaks, California, mansion. However, when officers arrived, Spears’ security staff reported that the singer decided not to file a formal complaint at that time.

Apparently, the singer did not take the assault very seriously either. After reporting the loss of her jewelry, she shared more videos on her personal Instagram account. The first showed Britney wearing what is now “her favorite dress” of hers in pale pink. In the following clip, Spears wears a red dress and assures that wants to pierce his tongueimplying that the theft of her earrings, necklaces and bracelets was not too important to her.

Britney Spears quickly let the incident go and shared a couple of videos of herself. In one of them, she assured that she wants to pierce her tongue (Credits: Instagram / Britney Spears)

Recently, sources close to Spears expressed concern about the way the singer is handling her finances following the end of her legal conservatorship. According to insiders, Spears has been spending her $60 million fortune wildly. “He has no concept of money”said a source in April. “For more than a decade, other people were in charge of their bank accounts and every purchase had to be reported to the court, even if it was just a pack of gum. But now, he is on his own.”

The insider clarified that, although Spears is not bankrupt, she could “benefit from being more careful with her money.”

Likewise, his recent trip to Mexico was surrounded by controversy. In the first instance, Britney shared a video completely naked on the beach, which caused a huge scandal on the networks. Additionally, she reported on her Instagram that she was scammed by a local woman.

The pop singer was traveling in Mexico and published an unexpected video for all her fans

A lady scammed memade me pay 750 dollars (approximately 12 thousand Mexican pesos) in a store when it was only 300 (around 5 thousand Mexican pesos),” Spears shared about her experience, that despite this bad experience, she had the opportunity to enjoy several activities that made your vacation unforgettable.

I swam naked in the sea every night at 3 in the morning. I drank expensive wine and sang in the shower. I made 12 videos in Mexico with my new favorite dresses. I told him ‘Fuck you.’ to someone for the first time and I read all the books in the hotel,” said Britney.

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