Furia revealed his plan and the order in which he scheduled to take his companions out of the house to reach the final

Furia revealed his plan and the order in which he scheduled to take his companions out of the house to reach the final
Furia revealed his plan and the order in which he scheduled to take his companions out of the house to reach the final

Furia revealed his plan on GH (Telefe)

The end of the year is scheduled to take place in the first days of July. Big Brotherand coexistence in the house became very rough at times, with comments, disagreements and rudeness that led the participants not to hide their feelings, even with strong words face to face with their companions.

Thus, for example, without a doubt one of the outstanding figures of this edition, Juliana Furia Scaglione He took a few minutes to outline his goals for the final of the reality show. A little over a month after the competition ended, he revealed who the teammates he plans to eliminate are and he even went further and even took the time to put together an order in which they should go out.

In a message addressed to viewers and his followers, Furia Scaglione expressed: “I don’t stop agitating, friend. I’m re gede. I can’t stop thinking about the game, detecting dirty people’s plays, with dirty asses, who are in emergency.” The participant explained in this way that she identified strategic behaviors among her colleagues.

While he continued talking to the camera, already with the company of Martin Ku and your friend Facundowho were next to him, explained: “WellFor two and a half months it was difficult for me to understand that they approached me out of strategy. Hello, it was a pleasure, Mauro, and now it took me two weeks to realize that Pancho did it,” referring to the son of Darioabout whom he would also have something to say: “Then we have this ‘pseudo dad’ who at some point has to be removed,” an expression that caused amusement among those who were at his side.

Furia and Emmanuel are in the worst moment of coexistence

“I want this old fox to leave now.”he expressed about Dario, and then turned his darts against Emma, of whom he stated that “I can’t stand it anymore,” although he returned to his statements and clarified that “I don’t know if it’s just that I can’t stand it, I don’t, I don’t… anything.” But when referring to the women who are in the house, regarding Florence He stressed that he does not usually hang out with her “because of the issue of making her own fandom, not pretending that she is my friend.”

During her monologue, which Facundo and Martín continued to witness, Juliana revealed that “Nico doesn’t prick me or cut me, It sucks me a h…”, after which they left and the participant continued speaking alone to the camera: “I’m not going to fall into trash victimhood,” and while she continued outlining the strategy for the final, it was Bautista who sat next to him.

Juliana then revealed: “Now I have three goals, and I would even tell you four. Emma, ​​Dario, Florencia and Virginia”, while expressing her annoyance at the speech that women must win the game. “Enough with the topic ‘let the women win’, because I came here with that mood and the women beat me up… with shots,” he added. At that moment, Darío was passing by and Furia did not remain silent: “What’s up, controller? Can not sleep? Stop making strategies against me because I’m going to kick you in the ort…”.

One by one the participants said goodbye and the end is approaching.

It was then that the man tried to calm her down by clarifying that “I have no strategy against you”, however she doubled down with an important insult. So he preferred to remain silent and continue on his way to the bathroom and not continue confronting the young woman who expressed that, even if he wanted to, she does not have the four strikers that he would want in this part of the game.

Finally, he highlighted the way to face the end of the competition: “Bancatelá, there is a huge prize. You’re going to have to bank everything to be able to earn it. And when we talk about everything, it is everything. I’m not afraid of a plaque that is Virginia, Darío and Emma against me. “I’m not afraid of anything. Everyone takes care of their own ass. So welcome, take care of your ass, I will take care of mine,” she concluded.

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