“Raja face and little man”: “Rancherita” shows video of ex-couple destroying his car

“Raja face and little man”: “Rancherita” shows video of ex-couple destroying his car
“Raja face and little man”: “Rancherita” shows video of ex-couple destroying his car

The singer Carolina “Rancherita” Molina released a video this Monday, showing her ex-partner, producer Juan Chacón, destroying the artist’s car inside a parking lot.

For a few weeks now, The former Rojo girl has reported that she has suffered harassment from a former partner, and even last week he revealed the name of this person, being a music producer.

“He is threatening my life and my safety by continuing to follow me wherever I go. And today he has the nerve and is sufficiently rude and unmanly, even asking in one of those stories if maybe I was referring to someone else,” Molina commented last week.

The artist has indicated that she fears for her safety and had previously shown images of the damage to her car, as well as papers with threats against the singer.

Rancherita shows video

This Monday, Molina released evidence of her ex-partner’s attacks against her, releasing a video that shows the man causing damage to “La Rancherita” carall this inside a shopping center in Quilicura.

“In case anyone had any doubts. Here the “honorable producer” Juan Claudio Chacón breaking my car in the Plaza Norte mall. At the end of the video you can see the time, day and year. This is just one of the proofs that he had not yet shown of all the harassment and persecutions, because I am going to clarify each of his lies to defame me, such as that I owe him money, because that is absolutely false! the singer noted in her publication.

Additionally, the video shows the date on which the subject approached the car (March 15). According to the record, the man approaches the vehicle, hits the mirrors and leaves a paper on the machine.

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