This is the urgent message from the angels for each sign to avoid mistakes between May 27 and June 2

A Guardian angel He is a servant of the heavens who is responsible for advising us in every step we take in this life. Each sign has a designated angel and today this winged being has something very important to tell you.

This is the message of the Guardian Angel

Samael is you Guardian angel If you are an Aries and what he wants to ask you today is that you have a little more tolerance for failure because this can be the best teacher. Hamabiel is your protector if you are a Taurus and what he wants to ask you is that you listen to that person who loves you so much. Ambriel wants to tell Gemini to pay attention to all the details.

If you sign is Cancer so your angel is Muriel and today she wants to tell you not to try so hard to make other people like you. Miguel advises Leo to be careful with bad influences. The advice for Virgo from Rafael is that he take care of his body these days and always.

This is the message from your guardian angel. Source: istock.

He message For Libra it comes from Samael and today he asks for caution regarding his health. The advice for Scorpio comes from Azrael and today he wants you to make room for the family within your priorities. Zadquiel advises Sagittarius to have all his documentation up to date because he may need it.

A guardian angel is a celestial being. Source: istock.

If you sign en Capricorn, the message comes from Cassiel and today he wants you to think about a well-deserved vacation. Uriel is the advisor of Aquarius and today he wants you to focus on your goals. The advice for Pisces comes from Azariel and today he wants you not to lose sight of your spiritual side.

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