The emotional cry of Mathías Brivio in ‘The Great Chef’ when remembering his career: “This is the most beautiful island of all”

The emotional cry of Mathías Brivio in ‘The Great Chef’ when remembering his career: “This is the most beautiful island of all”
The emotional cry of Mathías Brivio in ‘The Great Chef’ when remembering his career: “This is the most beautiful island of all”

Against all odds, Mathías Brivio established himself as the best in season 7 of ‘The Great Famous Chef’, with the theme of ‘The restaurant’. The remembered presenter of ‘Esto Es Guerra’ demonstrated surprising skills in the kitchen, despite facing difficult moments that led him to be at risk of elimination.

His constant effort and dedication culminated in an outstanding performance that allowed him to obtain the highest score from the judges. During this outcome, he measured himself against Gino Assereto, a formidable competitor. However, with serenity and confidence, he managed to stand out by preparing an exquisite dessert and a main course that impressed the jury.

Before announcing the winner, the presenter Jose Pelaez gave the finalists the opportunity to share a few words. It was then that Mathías Brivio, emotional and with sobbing eyes, remembered his extensive career on television and the impact that ‘The Great Famous Chef’ had on his life.

Mathías Brivio breaks down in ‘The Great Famous Chef’ when talking about his television career. | Capture/Latin

“It’s hard for me to say anything… It was achieved. This is a world, television is an ungrateful and wild world. A jungle And it’s nice to find islands like this in this jungle. This is the most beautiful island I have ever found. I know you joke with me about the number of years on television, it’s quite a few, but finding islands like this fills you with satisfaction. I want to thank each of you because you have made me feel that the most beautiful things can also be done on television. Sorry for getting me so excited,” said the excited driver.

His moving words not only touched the hearts of the spectators, but also his colleagues present. Among them, his own José Peláez and Nelly Rossinelli, who could not hold back their tears at the sincere gratitude of the participant.

The applause and hugs of those present marked a moment of intense emotion, highlighting the camaraderie and mutual appreciation that emerged in the program.

Mathias Brivio won the great famous chef

The presenter Mathias Brivio He previously revealed the reasons behind his departure from ‘Esto es Guerra’, a popular América TV show, in an interview conducted by Renzo Schuller for his YouTube channel.

As recalled, the communicator decided to leave the reality show in December 2019 to spend more time with your family. Also known for his role in Latina’s ‘Sábados en Familia’, he explained that his busy schedule prevented him from spending time with his children.

During the eight years that he worked in the channel 4 format, he was barely able to see his eldest heir grow up, Tiziana, and he wanted to prevent the same thing from happening to his youngest, Eugene. This personal concern was key in his decision to make drastic decisions.

Mathías Brivio worried Renzo Schuller with a revelation.

“When I joined ‘Esto es Guerra’, my daughter Tiziana was 3 years old, and I left when she was 11 years old. Eugenio was three years old and I felt that exactly the same thing was going to happen to me with him,” Brivio confessed in the interview.

In response, Renzo Schuller showed his concern, sharing that he is experiencing a similar situation with his daughters, and highlighted the importance of taking them to school to take advantage of those moments together.

The journalist stressed that it was impossible for him to carry out this activity due to his morning work at a radio station, added to his obligations on television.

Mathías Brivio in ‘This Is War’.

“Sometimes it’s good go back a little and then move forward. I am very happy in Latina, in the program I am in. I love ‘Sábados en Familia’, it’s a beautiful program,” she said enthusiastically when talking about his new space.

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