Mónica Jaramillo closed her cycle as a television news presenter

Mónica Jaramillo about her departure from the news
Mónica Jaramillo about her departure from the news. Photo: In Tennis with Paola García.

Presenter Mónica Jaramillo pointed out that she closed her cycle in Noticias Caracol, especially as host of a television news program.

It is a closed cycle, I spent 16 years in news, one topic is journalism and another thing is news, I arrived at 19 years old, very young and 16 doing news (anchor)“Jaramillo stated.

Mónica Jaramillo had emotional consequences as a presenter

A life dedicated to being a news anchor like Noticias Caracol marked her life both positively and negatively.

Jaramillo said in an interview with Red+ that he lost almost 2 decades of his life because he spent working.

The special dates, the vacations, the no time to share with family all added up to making the decision to leave this world.

I haven’t had December 31 in 16 years, maybe one or two, or you take turns on the 24th or 31st, I always asked for the 24th to be with my family, but I lost all the 31st, the vacations are very limited to the 3 weeks that We are in Colombia on vacation and you have to play with it to determine your trips and ask for permission and that implies the rigor of being on set.”Monica added.

The television presenter felt sentimentally affected, so much negative news began to drag her into questioning whether she wanted to continue in that environment.

I feel like I was already emotionally exhausted.a natural wear and tear of information since the crisis, from the difficulties, emergencies that undermine you emotionally yes or yes, for me it is already a closed cycle, I wanted to continue doing journalism, create new formats, new media, I closed it completely without staying with pending things.”

Mónica is interested in radio, she has heard media proposals and she is interested because it is another format where she can give her opinion.

She is currently a commentator and reporter on cycling issues at RCN. Her passion for cycling characterizes her, she rides her bike 6 times a week.

He also directs Grupo Semana, Soho and Fuchsia magazines. He is currently working on a digital transformation on both projects.

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