Undated projects and rumors of a landing on Public TV

Undated projects and rumors of a landing on Public TV
Undated projects and rumors of a landing on Public TV


For several days now, rumors have been swirling about the continuity of Marcelo Tinelli’s production company, La Flia SERVICIOS. The thing is that in recent weeks some projects from that production company for the second part of the year on the América TV screen were revealed, which were soon put on pause. Among them are a cooking series with Narda Lepes, a late night show with Cris Vanadia and the contest Singing for a Dream, which still does not have a driver, since José María Listorti, who was going to drive it, finally chose to drive 100 Argentines say (will be from next Monday the 10th in the afternoons of El trece).

Finally, none of them will air under the La Flia seal. The production company, although it will not disappear, decided not to produce TV in 2024 and will wait until better times like the one that was once its great rival in terms of produced volume – Polka by Adrián Suar – and will reduce its staff waiting for better conditions production for the future. The aforementioned projects will come to light through an alliance with other “friendly” houses and the channel of which Marcelo Tinelli is artistic manager, América.

THE NATION He spoke with different sources from the production company in uninterrupted activity since 2018 to find out the reasons for the stoppage, and the famous “There is no money” was the common denominator when it came to the responses.. “The cost is very high and it cannot be done like this. Today, with costs as they are, it is not convenient to produce,” said a source very close to Tinelli and added: “A reduction is expected. We will do things with known friends and people from the channel. The Flia is not going to produce anything, so we are going to take people out. There are too many to do nothing.” Both the culinary series, the nighttime series, and the singing reality show are still in place, but without the distinctive seal of the production company. None of the three programs have an air date.

Denise Dumas, former model and TV host.Hernan Zenteno – La Nacion

On the other hand, a few weeks ago there was talk that Marcelo Tinelli would land not only as a host but also as a producer on Public TV. That version was denied by those around Tinelli himself, and also by the intervention of the state channel, run by Diego Chaher.

Public TV will premiere a magazine in the middle of the year that will be seen in the afternoons (probably hosted by Denise Dumas). It is intended to debut with shipping on Monday, July 24. The production of the program, headed by a figure closely identified with the cycles produced by Marcelo Tinelli –Dumas hosted This is the show, Saturday Show, Must see and the “Dancing” debate in America – will be from Liberarte SA, a “known” company of LaFlia, with which they maintain “commercial relations.” Sources from La Flia confirm that they recommended Liberarte to the Public TV authorities when proposing a format for the station’s grid, given the impossibility of offering its own cycles (and the incompatibility created by the fact that its owner is the artistic manager of a channel that is a competitor).

Likewise, it is not ruled out that members of Tinelli’s production company may end up joining the production of the magazine that Dumas will lead, still untitled, on loan.

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