The day ‘El Flaco’ Solórzano met a drug trafficker from ‘El cartel de los sapos’ and the secrets he revealed to him

The day ‘El Flaco’ Solórzano met a drug trafficker from ‘El cartel de los sapos’ and the secrets he revealed to him
The day ‘El Flaco’ Solórzano met a drug trafficker from ‘El cartel de los sapos’ and the secrets he revealed to him

Fernando Solórzano played one of the main characters in the production – credit Caracol Televisión

As part of the productions about drug traffickers that have been a success, there is The frog’s signa series produced by Caracol Television based on the book written by former drug trafficker Andrés López, which recounts the fall of the Norte del Valle cartel.

One of the main characters in the first season was Óscar Cadena, the name given to the adaptation by Orlando Henao Montoya, alias The Man in the Overalls, one of the leaders of the criminal structure who was personified by Fernando The skinny Solórzano, which made the focus be on the renowned actor.

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This meant that years later he was contacted by a drug trafficker who was also referenced in the series, since on his YouTube channel Solórzano explained how Ramón Esteban Peña, better known as Carlos Ramón Zapata or alias El Médico, came to a production that he was recording in Miami, United States.

It is worth remembering that in the series, the character played by Andrés Parra, known under the alias Anestesia, was the reference to Carlos Ramón Zapata, a capo who was part of Los Pepes (Persecuted by Pablo Escobar), collaborated with the authorities and in 2024 has once again been referenced as a crucial part of a network of police officers who extorted drug traffickers.

Andrés Parra was in charge of interpreting the character in reference to alias El Médico – credit Caracol Televisión

In the story that Solórzano told, he stated that first he had a conversation with a subject who approached him, but it was not until someone from the production company told him who it was that he identified Carlos Ramón Zapata, who invited him to share a coffee and talk about The frog’s sign.

Solórzano mentioned that at that time a close friend arrived on set because they had agreed to have lunch, so he had no problem adding it to the plan he had agreed upon with The Doctor; However, other men related to drug trafficking in Colombia who had also collaborated with the authorities joined this situation, but the actor’s partner did not know this.

To do your job, Solórzano had to leave the group and did not take into account that his friend was still not aware of who he was chatting with and when he returned he received a complaint from him. “Fernando, it’s the last straw for you, you’re the one who sent me, I’m the one who was in there. Those men are terrible, they only talked about dead people, everything they said, about business and past things,” his friend complained to Solórzano.

Ramón Esteban Peña assured that he met Ana Catalina Noguera because of her closeness to drug traffickers – credit Los Informantes/YouTube

As part of the anecdotes that Carlos Ramón Zapata revealed to Solórzano, the actor explained that one of them was about the drug trafficking route that had made him the most money, which they called The fat girlbecause they bought oil from the United States in giant barrels, which returned to the North American country with camouflaged cocaine.

“That we were going to sell the oil, that we were going to get involved with that,” said Solórzano, who responded The Doctor about the details of the route, in which he assured that several renowned businessmen participated in an unknown manner.

“Everyone now wanted to invest, not the drug traffickers, the businessmen who wanted easy money, that you put in 20 million and you got 60 easily,” said Solórzano, who indicated that the route fell because one of the recognized investors told how He got his money at a party where a DEA agent was at.

It was a route that was very difficult to discover, why everything was legal or under the law.which transported two tons a month, the actor pointed out.

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