Gold went to Miranda!, in a night of tribute to Charly and great shows

Gold went to Miranda!, in a night of tribute to Charly and great shows
Gold went to Miranda!, in a night of tribute to Charly and great shows

On Tuesday night, the Villa Crespo neighborhood, more precisely in the vicinity of the Atlanta club, was invaded by dozens of cars (and some limousines) bringing great music artists. Clearly it was not the preview of a recital, but the annual delivery of the Gardel Awardswhich were held again in the immense Movistar Arena stadium.

As usual, no emblematic element was missing: red carpet, live broadcast, interviews with official Star+ hosts, and many reporters and fans intercepting the figures who were arriving.

Lali, Luck Ra, Rusherking, León Gieco, Miranda, Chaqueño Palavecino, Alejandro Lerner, María Becerra, David Lebón… an impressive list.

A characteristic of the Gardels is that It is the only event that brings together musicians of all stylesfrom rock and pop to tango and folklore, classical, tropical, quartet and jazz, something that no longer even happens in the vicinity of SADAIC.

The Turf group at the Gardel Awards, posing on the red carpet. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

It is the 26th edition and it continues to have great power in attracting artists, who not only come because they are nominated in the 50 categories, but there are also many live shows, in the style of the Grammys. It is a true celebration.

According to Diego Zapico, president of CAPIF, “It is a meeting day for musicians and the industry and Argentine music. The meaning of the award has always been to celebrate and reward Argentine music, the demand, the talent. It is always relevant for us to also highlight the history of our industry, its present and its projection, which has been very strong in recent years with new artists who have been emerging and who are protagonists all over the world.”

Expectations, rumors and the preview

Since the announcement of the nominations, a great expectations for the winner of the Gardel de Oro for Album of the Year, where Miranda!, David Lebón, Lali, Emilia, Milo J and Fito Páez competed. The delivery would be the last of the day, almost at midnight. Based on the winners of the categories, at times it seemed that it could go to Lali, although others believed that Milo J deserved it, and the band of Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas also had a chance.

Miranda! she kept the Gardel de Oro. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Miranda won! and he had all his team of collaborators and producers come on stage.


The cumbia 420 singer spoke about what it means for him to be a participant in the gala with his colleagues.

On the other hand, among the most nominated, two urban music artistic producers stood out: Facundo “Evlay” Yalve and Santiago “Tatool” Rioz, who appeared in 14 categories. Further down the total were Emilia (with 12), Milo J, Lali and Tini.

During the afternoon of the same Tuesday There was a pre-gala or premiere at Teatro Vórterixwhere almost 30 prizes were awarded, but the results did not allow us to anticipate any trend: those who won the most were Divided, Escalandrum, Evlay and Quintet Negro La Bocawith two prizes each.

Clara Cava live at Teatro Vórterix, during the preview. press photo

Of the most nominated, Emilia and Bizarrap had already won a Gardel each. Clara Cava, Los Del Portezuelo, BB Azul and Mar Marzo also sang.


The artist spoke with Clarín after receiving his first award of the night. Then three other statuettes were given to him.

As for the shows, which are always a jealously guarded secret by the organizers of CAPIF, the Argentine Chamber of Phonogram and Videogram Producers, only It turned out that there would be a tribute to Charly Garcíabut without further details.

Red carpet for the Gardel 2024 awards. Luck Ra. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

On the red carpet section, the interviews were conducted by Guillermo Gilabert, Anaís Castro, Bebe Contepomi and Ayelen Velázquez, who intercepted each one with complicity and showed their looks.


La Nena from Argentina, who has a musical cameo in the new film starring Vin Diesel, spoke with Clarín about her musical present.

Red carpet for the Gardel 2024 awards. Fabiana Cantilo. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

The beggining

The start of the gala was with two songs from Luck Ra (the hit was not missing The brunette) and the driver’s welcome greeting Ivan de Pinedawalking among the people in the audience, just like his co-hosts Evelyn Botto, Cris Vanadía and Nachito Elizalde.

Luck Ra live Gardel 2024 awards. Press photo

The first prize went to best tropical song, where he won addictof Emanero with The K’onga and Antonio Rios.

The best urban collaboration it was for the supergroup The Space Onesand immediately came another musical moment: Miranda! with Donalong with Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso, where the set design of the emblematic Hotel Miranda was missing.

Miranda! live when they made “Don”, their big hit. Press photo courtesy of Agustín Dusserre.

The next categories were best alternative folklore artist, pop album and author song, where Los Tabaleros, Nafta and Lisandro Aristimuño wonwho said, “Making music in our country is very difficult, and I thank everyone who goes to the shows.”

The closing of the block was a show of Milo Jwhich began with the sampled arrangement of Girl (Paper eyes) and he hooked with one of his hits that drew a standing ovation from the audience made up of fans and contest winners.

The second part and Say No More

The Gardel dynamic continued alternating awards with shows. That’s how David Lebon won the statuette rock artist albumand Lali to the short video clipwhich he dedicated to Moria Casán and “the haters.”

A classic segment of the Gardels is the memory of the deceased artists, an “In memoriam” where photos of big names were alternated, where the loudest ovation was for those remembered Ricardo Iorio, Hugo Flores and Javier Martínez, from Manal.

The urban song it was for Bizarrap and Milo J, who said “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing here or what the fuck to say.” Then, the best urban album was Soulof Nicki Nicole.

At 10:10 p.m., Iván de Pineda said that throughout the night the Say No More Award to Charly García, in recognition of his career, and that there would be several musical moments on a stage located at the other end of the room.

The tributes to Charly García at the Gardel Awards: David Lebón with Luz Gaggi. Press photo courtesy of Agustín Dusserre

The first was David Lebón with Luz Gaggiwho made a delicate Disarm and bleed. Later they arrived Rosario Ortega with the group Indianswho made an acoustic Passenger in trance.

Then he went up Chinese Bandalos with Lisandro Aristimunowhich gave an emotional Friday 3AMand closed Fabiana Cantilo with Sylvester and the Orangedoing Demolishing hotels.

The tributes to Charly García at the Gardel Awards: Fabi Cantilo with Silvestre and La Naranja. Press photo courtesy of Agustín Dusserre

The “Say No More” moment culminated with a thank you from Charly himself, in a video where he accepted the award and with his characteristic humor wished everyone “A happy new year and happy holidays.” The lifetime achievement award was received by a very emotional David Lebón, who at one point broke down.

The final stretch

The band also played You point it out to mewhich later won the award for alternative rock album.

Lali’s live show at the 2024 Gardel Awards. Press photo courtesy of Agustín Dusserre.

Other really impeccable shows were those of Tiago PZK, Lali and then Nicki Nicole. In addition, there was a cumbia supergroup with members from Ráfaga, L-Gante and more stars, who did a long mix of their hits.

Nicki Nicole at the 2024 Gardel Awards. Press photo courtesy of Agustín Dusserre.

As for the other awards, they won Evlay (producer), Nico Mattioli (tropical artist album), Miranda! (long video), Luck Ra (quartet song), Mercedes Sosa (folklore), Bizarrap with Shakira (urban pop song) and Lali (pop artist album and song of the year).

There were three hours of ceremony and the rhythm and high level of shows to which the Gardels have accustomed us were maintained. Everyone celebrated and after midnight many headed to their private celebrations and a great after party.

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