A story that does not end: the chapter that adds a new controversy between Gerard Piqué and Shakira

In mid-2022 the controversy broke out between Gerard Piqué and Shakira for infidelity on her part that led to their separation after 12 years of relationship. But this was all that happened, but later the Colombian dedicated many viral hits to him that became the most listened to songs in various countries around the world.

The hostilities continued until the former player and the singer decided to plant the white flag of peace for the benefit of their children. It must be remembered that Milan and Sasha are the children shared by these two people and that they would currently be living with their mother in the United States. But they assure that Gerard Piqué He made a decision with Clara Chía Martí that would provoke the South American’s anger.

The couple had their first child in January 2013

The journalist specialized in the subject Roberto Antolín spoke on “Mitre Live” and revealed some details of the latest updates regarding these two people and pointed out that the current businessman wants to be a father for the third time: “He wants to, but Clara doesn’t. It’s a rumor about the pregnancy and he really wants it. What happens is that she’s not in a hurry, she doesn’t want to be a mother anymore.”. In fact, it was said that Chía Martí was pregnant, but in the end this was not true.

Along the same lines, he added that this would be a strong blow for Shakira, but there is something else that would harm her much more: “I understand that Clara Chía is going to achieve what Shakira couldn’t: marry the former soccer player”. In this way, it would be the first time that Gerard Piqué get married, since in the past he never said yes before the judge when he was dating the performer of multiple World Cup songs.

Piqué is living with Chía Martí since the separation with Shakira

Gerard Piqué’s new success

Last Sunday, the Kings League World Cup officially began, a new competition derived from the 7-a-side soccer tournaments that the former player created in Spain and Latin America. 32 teams made up of music, internet and football personalities will seek to win glory on June 8.

There is so much expectation that different television channels around the world acquired the rights for different countries such as “DAZN” in Belgium and Portugal, “Canal 6” in Mexico or “RTL” in the Netherlands, among others. The incredible thing is that its first day had more than 90 thousand spectators, which caused everyone to celebrate.

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