This is the message from the angels for each sign to focus on what is important from May 28 to 30

A Guardian angel He is sent from heaven who is responsible for taking care of us at every stage of our life. Each sign of the zodiac has a designated guardian and this has the mission of guiding us regarding what matters most.

This is the message of the Guardian Angel

  • Aries: Samael is you Guardian angel and what it wants to tell you today is that you should not pay attention to the malicious comments of others.
  • Taurus: Hamabiel has a message to give yourself and that is to better organize your times to achieve your goals.
  • Gemini: Ambriel is the protector of your sign and what today asks you is that you do not stop insisting on what you want to achieve.
Each sign has its guardian angel. Source: istock.
  • Cancer: Muriel is your Guardian angel and what he wants today is for you to always show your true personality because that is the key to happiness.
  • Leo: Miguel has a message to give yourself and you can achieve everything if you regain confidence in yourself.
  • Virgo: Rafael is your servant sign and today it asks you to free your mind from so much control to achieve the goals you pursue.
  • Libra: Samael is your Guardian angel and today he wants you to tell that special person everything that happens to you.
A guardian angel is a celestial being. Source: istock.
  • Scorpio: Azrael has a message to give you and that is that you never stop looking for that originality that represents you so well.
  • Sagittarius: you sign You are about to live a great adventure and your angel Zadquiel assures you of that.
  • Capricorn: Cassiel is you Guardian angel and what he wants today is for you to relax a little.
  • Aquarius: Uriel has a message to give yourself and don’t give up before trying.
  • Pisces: Azariel take care of you sign and today he advises you to rest very well.
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