from drinking semen to undergoing five IVF

Who said Kourtney Kardashian’s life was easy? The clan is known for carrying his life to the limit and make it public without any shame, even the most gruesome details. And the last thing is the devastating and amazing process that the eldest daughter has carried out to give birth to her son Rocky. Spoiler: not for the faint of heart.

Kim Kardashian has always been the best-known image of the clan, but her sister Kourtney has recently threatened to surpass her. The eldest of Kris Jenner’s daughters she is finally happy and satisfied after bringing her first child with Travis Barker into this ruthless world, who joins the other three children she had with Scott Disick.

The desired baby came into the world November 1, 2023 after numerous attempts to get pregnant, a process that has threatened – and no wonder – with leaving her out of orbit, as will be seen.

Six months have passed since the happy event and the mother has seen fit to undergo an interrogation of his followers, one of the classic resources of any self-respecting influencer to generate juicy content without too much effort. And even more so when the central issue is a pregnancy.

And, of course, fans wanted to know how the selfless Kourtney had managed to gather the strength to move forward with a process as devastating as the one she had followed. It was then that her mother came up and gave hairs and signs of the path to birth from Rocky.

“I stopped trying after a year (5 failed IVF cycles, 3 recoveries),” he began. Indeed: he had to submit to five in vitro fertilizationswith all the changes and problems that this entails, both physical and mental, courtesy of hormones.

But there came a point where his silicone body couldn’t take it anymore and he decided to get in the hands of divinity, of what he called “God’s plan” for his life. «Many prayers for whatever it was for us to come. “I have also greatly optimized my health,” he continued. And voilà: after “relaxing” his body, the baby arrived naturally.

That happy Valentine’s Day

“I got pregnant 100% naturally, NOT through IVF,” she expressed. But the thing cannot stop there within a clan like that of the Kardashians, so prone to always giving one last blow. ¿And when was the seed of the future offspring planted? Kourtney clarifies it: “Valentine’s Day.”

Throughout this thorny path, Kourtney did everything, as she revealed on Thursday’s episode of ‘The Kardashians’. He even put himself in the hands of a doctor – whose identity remains anonymous, it is not known why – who prescribed him the miracle remedy to better support your pregnancy: drink her husband’s semen, Travis Barker, four times a week. By doing so, he would supposedly “improve” his thyroid levels. “I love this doctor,” the self-sacrificing Barker would say with satisfaction.

Urgent fetal surgery

And if it was difficult to get pregnant, and for the sake of her health and that of the little one, Kourtney Kardashian would also have to undergo “urgent fetal surgery”, an emergency obstetric intervention so that Rocky could reach the world without complications.

Was happy ending. Now, after massive ingestions of semen, several IVFs, an urgent surgery and God knows what else, little Rocky is the new addition to a clan that, although it’s hard to believe, always finds amazing things to tell to keep its massive audience distracted. This is the world of the Kardashianswhere the most difficult is still almost a routine matter.

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