Lionel Messi makes a fun cameo in ‘Bad Boys’ but with an unexpected result

Lionel Messi makes a fun cameo in ‘Bad Boys’ but with an unexpected result
Lionel Messi makes a fun cameo in ‘Bad Boys’ but with an unexpected result

Your stay in Miami to play with him Inter of Major League Soccer (MLS) has allowed Lionel Messi a more relaxed life and you can even see him doing everyday activities like going to the supermarket or driving his car and stop for a moment to talk to your fansbut now he has also allowed himself to venture into acting.

The captain of the Argentine National Team participated in the promotional of the fourth installment of the film saga ‘Bad Boys’ starring Wills Smith and Martin Lawrence where Messi makes a frustrated attempt to join the team.

In his participation, Messi knocks on the door of the house where the detectives live Marcus Burnett (Marcus Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) but they reject the Argentine after the previous experience with the basketball player and Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler.

Martin Mena

Bad Boys reject Jimmy Butler and Lionel Messi

In the promo, which lasts almost three minutes, you see Jimmy Butler presenting himself at the door and asking Detectives Burnett and Lowrey for a chance to join the squad but faced with the label of superstar of the NBA They are impressed for a moment until they decide to give it a test.

After a series of tests to check his ability to be on the team, the detectives are greatly disappointed when Butler fails to pass the tests and they decide to rule him out.

As they try to assimilate the situation, the doorbell rings again, but This time it is Lionel Messi who shows up to try his luck and with a smile on his face he asks in English: “Bad Boys?” but this time the detectives are blunt and avoid repeating the situation by responding: “Wrong house” and after closing the door Will Smith says goodbye with a “Nice to meet you”.

Bad Boys 4 (Bad Boys Ride of Die) It will be released next June 7 in theaters in the United States and despite the appearance of Messi and Butler in the promotional, neither of the two athletes is present in the cast of the film.

Leo Messi is rejected to join the Bad Boys

Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Leo Messi play soccer

Will Smith He had already given a preview of his meeting with Leo Messi on his social networks where they lived together in Miami kicking a ball with Martin Lawrence with an unexpected ending.

In the video you can see the two Hollywood actors arguing about who will kick a ball in the patio of the house when Messi suddenly appears to take the initiative, hit the ball and go directly to the camera’s position.

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