best days to cut your hair

best days to cut your hair
best days to cut your hair

For several years, there have always been different beliefs regarding Moon phasesthat according to astrology experts, the moon has a lot of influence when it comes to make business, romantic and even haircut decisions.

According to expert, Each lunar phase has a different effect on hairincluding, whether it is hair growth or hair health.

This means that if you want your hair to grow strong and silky, you should cut it at a specific time on the calendar. In fact, on several occasions, experts, They recommend times in which will have more effect and you will achieve your dream makeover.

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Lunar calendar for June

If you want rapid growth, it is recommended to cut your hair during the growing quarter phase. Besides that It will grow faster, it will be much stronger.

  • Sunday, June 2
  • Tuesday, June 4
  • Wednesday, June 5
  • Thursday, June 13
  • Friday, June 14
  • Saturday, June 22
  • Sunday, June 23
  • Monday, June 24

If you want a stronger hair, You should cut it when the Moon transits through earth signs, such as Taurus or Virgo, which according to astrologers, these signs They provide greater strength and vitality to the hair.

  • Saturday, June 8
  • Sunday, June 9
  • Tuesday, June 18
  • Wednesday, June 19
  • Thursday, June 27
  • Friday, June 28
  • Saturday, June 29

Perfect times to get a haircut

In addition to following the lunar calendar, experts advise cutting hair at appropriate times of the day. The time of the cut can significantly influence hair growth and health:

  • Between 12 noon and 6 p.m.: It is considered that during this period there is a progressive increase in lunar attraction, favoring rapid and strong hair growth.
  • In the early hours of the morning: Hair is more hydrated and elastic, which makes cutting easier and prevents damage.
  • It is not recommended to cut hair in the afternoon or evening: During these hours, hair tends to be weaker and drier, which can result in a more uneven cut.

Moon phases for June 2024

Know the Moon phases It is crucial for planning haircuts according to the desired objectives:

  1. New Moon (June 6): During this day, the Moon It is aligned between the Earth and the Sun and it is not visible from our planet.
  2. First Quarter (June 14): This phase shows a 50% illuminated lunar hemispherebeing an intermediate moment between the New Moon and the Full Moon.
  3. Full Moon (June 22): The Moon appears completely illuminated by the Sun, showing its total splendor.
  4. Last Quarter (June 28): Marks the beginning of the decrease in the lunar light after the fullness of the Full Moon.
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