Absences, errors in nominations and potential crossovers that could occur at the ceremony

Absences, errors in nominations and potential crossovers that could occur at the ceremony
Absences, errors in nominations and potential crossovers that could occur at the ceremony


This Wednesday, Luis Venturathe president of the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA), released the list of nominated for Martín Fierro from Radio 2024 and the controversies have already begun over the major absences and potential crossovers that could be given from the stage at the time of thanks.

The thing is that, with the displacement of political programs from the grid of air channels, For years it has been the hosts and columnists of radio and news channels who have taken the reins of the discussion and analysis of the future of the country.. For this reason, in the last award ceremonies, there were memorable exchanges between professionals with different positions regarding the government in power. And everything indicates that this year, The weather will also be warm.

One of the topics that will surely fly over the different speeches is the government’s decision to virtually close some public media and cut the budgets of others. Only from National Radio there are two nominated cycles: Two gardeniasas a musical program, and History of our historyin the cultural/educational program category.

Without a doubt, one of the most competitive shortlists Its the best AM morning cycle. There they compete Bread and Circus (Radio Rivadavia), hosted by Jonatan Viale; Wool without filter (Mitre), with Jorge Lanata, and Someone has to say it (Mitre), commanded by Eduardo Feinmann. The three drivers usually give speeches that arouse controversy when thanking them, and it is assumed that this time, whoever wins will continue down that path. Regarding the best afternoon program, something similar happens: they are shortlisted Chronicle of an announced afternoon (Mitre), with Nelson Castro; Pastor 912 (La Red), with Facundo Pastor and Second Dose (Radio 10), hosted by Juan Di Natale.

Regarding the same shortlists, but FM, the list is more varied, but it also promises strong moments when it comes to speeches. Featured morning shows were And now who can help us? (With You), with Ernesto Tenembaum; The immense minority (Con Vos), hosted by Reynaldo Sietecase; From now on (Urbana Play), commanded by María O’Donnell; and Nobody stops us (Rock & Pop), with Beto Casella. In the event of winning O’Donnell, it is possible that she refers, on stage, to the President’s controversial statements about her and other female media professionals. From the networks, meanwhile, it was pointed out the notable absence of La Negra Pop (pop), Elizabeth Vernaci’s program.

things happened (With you), led by Alejandro Bercovich; Everything happens (Urbana Play), with Matías Martin; beastly afternoons (Rock & Pop), with Gonzalito Rodríguez; and Dont leave for tomorrow (With you), with Romina Manguel in driving, they are the nominees for best evening cycle, another category that promises fiery speeches.

Elizabeth Vernaci and a possible controversy at the doorArchive

Vernaci is nominated for best driver on FM with Julieta Pink (Urbana Play) and Maju Lozano (FM 100). The same shortlist, in AM, is made up of Cristina Pérez (Rivadavia), Dominique Metzger (Continental) and Paula Trapani (Del Plata). Curiously, neither Manguel, who also had a media confrontation with the Presidentnor O’Donnell compete in this area.

O’Donnel, however, makes up the shortlist of the category best female journalistic work, along with Jesica Bossi (Mitre) and Nancy Pazos (Radio 10). This category is one of those that is split, because last year there was no ceremony and in this way they wanted to amend that situation. For this reason, there are professionals recognized for their work in 2023, while Mariana Contartesi (La Red), Carolina Amoroso (Con Vos) and Laura Medina (AM750) were recognized for their performance during 2022.

The same happens with male journalistic work. The nominees for their work in 2022 are Lanata, Lucas Morando (Rivadavia) and Tenembaum; while for APTRA the best performance last year went to Feinmann, Castro and Bercovich. And it is striking the absence of names like Marcelo Longobardi or Jonatan Viale among the nominees in this category.

One of the most curious facts is the inclusion of Yanina Latorre in the category of best entertainment columnist, along with Marina Calabro (Mitre), Tamara Pettinato (Con Vos) and Pía Shaw (CNN Radio). Diego Latorre’s wife did not occupy that role during 2023, but rather she led her own cycle. That error was not the only one: Gustavo López was included along with Magui Aicega (Rock & Pop), Marcelo Palacios (La Red) and Hernán Feler (D Sports) in the sports work category, when the journalist hosts a program of general interest.

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