Scandal in Mexico: Cazzu’s relative would be involved in the robbery of Nodal

There have been rumors that a relative of Argentine singer Cazzu may have been involved in her split from Christian Nodal1. According to some reports, Cazzu’s sister, Flor Cazzuchelli, could have played a role in the couple’s breakup triggered by a very serious situation.

Photo taken from social networks/VANGUARDIA

A new scandal shakes Mexican entertainment, after it was revealed that a relative of the Argentine singer Cazzu would be involved in the robbery of the singer Christian Nodal’s house in Argentina, which would have triggered the sudden breakup between the singers.

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According to information from journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the event occurred at the beginning of March, when Nodal and Cazzu were traveling in Paris. Upon returning to their home in Argentina, the couple discovered that they had been the victim of a robbery, in which a significant amount of money and jewelry were stolen.

Police investigations indicate that a relative of Cazzu participated in the robbery, providing key information to the thieves about the absence of the couple and the location of their valuable belongings.

This incident adds to the rumors of infidelities on the part of Cazzu, which has generated great tension in the relationship between both singers and has led to their recent breakup.

Photo taken from social networks/VANGUARDIA

After the robbery, Nodal decided to leave the house where he lived with Cazzu and move to another residence. The Mexican singer has been very affected by the situation and has preferred to keep a low profile on social networks.

Likewise, some versions suggest that there were certain toxic aspects in Nodal and Cazzu’s relationship, since, according to their sources, both singers would be involving their entire family in the couple’s affairs. It was mentioned that this situation would have led to problems with Cazzu’s sister, which would have contributed to the separation.

Photo taken from social networks/VANGUARDIA
Photo taken from social networks/VANGUARDIA

The break between Nodal and Cazzu seems to be definitive. Both have stopped following each other on social media and have deleted the photos they had together.

For his part, Cazzu has not commented publicly on the accusations against him. It is expected that in the coming days the Argentine singer will clarify the situation and reveal her plans for the future.

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