Fury exploded against Delfina and denounces that there was fraud

Fury exploded against Delfina and denounces that there was fraud
Fury exploded against Delfina and denounces that there was fraud

It all started during the afternoon, when Furia was next to Bautista in the patio of the house and pretended to have an earpiece to talk to the production. In this fictional scenario, he revealed: “By cockroach they are telling me that yesterday there was fraud…”.

But that was not the only thing, he later added to the complaints and made a prediction about the final of the reality show: “What happened? Did the Bros almost break the entire studio? Look how crazy the stands are. Do the Bros win? Big Brother?“. With these words, she surprised everyone after removing herself from the focus.

On the other hand, at another time in the afternoon, Juliana pointed directly at Virginia’s daughter: “They’re going to leave her until next week with Delfina, do you think they’re going to take her out now?“Thus, she made it clear that she is not happy or comfortable after not having won this week.

He even spoke about the 55-year-old participant’s way of playing: “For me it doesn’t exist, the same as Florence and the other one, whenever they want they can leave. That shitty content they sell, they eat everything and sleep like a log“.

Big Brother 2023: they claim that there was fraud in the hand-to-hand match between Delfina and Facundo

The definition by the Roca Housing House determined that Delfina, Virginia’s daughter, was the most beloved of all the family and friends who entered the Big Brother 2023which made a lot of noise considering the results of a few weeks ago.

Big Brother 2023 results Delfina Facundo

The public did not accept the results of the positive vote between Facundo and Delfina.

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