Diego Ramos spoke like never before about his love life and revealed how many years he has been in a relationship with Mauro

Diego Ramos spoke like never before about his love life and revealed how many years he has been in a relationship with Mauro
Diego Ramos spoke like never before about his love life and revealed how many years he has been in a relationship with Mauro

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pet lover, Ramos Today he is the father of four Newfoundland dogs -Porthos, Byron, Ortega y Gasset-, who live with him and his boyfriend, and he admits to being the one who moves around with them since Mauro “He works more conventional office hours and is practically not there during the day”.

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Meanwhile, about his love life, Diego ramos He confided that he has been in a relationship with Cernadas and he assured that he is about to be his partner “longer”. Although he works during the day and I work at night in the theater, we look for spaces to see each other. Before and after the theater I see him and in the morning I take him to work, which is early. On weekends we share a lot”detailed about his daily life.

Also, about her sensual work in sex, Diego ramos assured that Mauro knows “from day one” what he does in the show Muscari and he knows that it is his job, so there is no reason for any jealousy between them.

Finally, the actor admitted that he is not in his “horizon” marriage with papers, when considered to be “from the shock of the last generation that could not even think about getting married or having children between people of the same sex”. While he confessed: At one point I thought about adopting but at the same time I have such a life for my dogs and myself that I feel like I would have to change a lot of things, which I would obviously do if a child came along. For now, it didn’t occur to me. AND I don’t need to get married. That thing of reaffirming something with papers would not change anything for me and I would only do it as a matter of rights, in case something happens to either of us. “Just for that, for a legal matter and it has nothing to do with love.”.

Diego Ramos clarified the versions of anger with El Pollo Álvarez for the replacement of Carmen Barbieri

In mid-March in THE M (America TV), Yanina Latorre revealed the conflict between two television figures over a replacement in an El Trece program. It turned out that the driver Carmen Barbieri had to be away for a few days very morning due to a health issue and the production had put the panelist Diego ramos in control of the cycle.

However, according to Yanina Latorreeverything changed when one night before the replacement they notified Ramos that he Pollo Alvarez was going to take the place of Barbieri.

“The production knew about more than two months ago that one particular day Diego was not going to attend the program due to work commitments. The day Diego was missing, a post came out on Twitter from Pollo Álvarez saying that starting tomorrow he was going to drive Mañanísima”said the panelist of the cycle conducted by Angel de Brito.

And I add: “This morning Diego Ramos wrote a message to the production: ‘Who is going to drive today? El Pollo Álvarez or me?’. They immediately respond to him from the production ‘El Pollo Álvarez’. ‘Then I’m not going,’ he replied. And the answer was not ‘don’t come’. That, without a doubt, bothered Diego.”.

But in dialogue with ScoopsNow, Diego ramos clarified this version forcefully: “I didn’t get angry, and even less so with El Pollo. It happens that there is a rotation of drivers.”

“Today (Thursday) I was there and tomorrow (Friday) maybe someone else will go. But on Tuesday I didn’t go because I was starting to teach and I’ve had that fixed since January, not going that day.”the actor explained at the time.

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