Mirtha Legrand’s unexpected response when asked if Perón tried to seduce her

The host detailed what the meeting with the former president was like and at the table they asked her if it was true that the politician had wanted to court her.

June 8, 2024, 10:42 p.m.

Mirtha Legrand told how she met Juan Domingo Perón (Photo: Captura eltrece – Courtesy Eduardo Lazzari)

Mirtha Legrand surprised everyone in Mirtha’s night (eltrece) when she remembered the day she met Juan Domingo Perón and ended up breaking silence about the rumors that the former president had tried to seduce her.

I met him when the San Juan earthquake occurred, who called several actors. They always turn to actors, to well-known people to collaborate and make collections. Since we collaborated a lot, he received us at Work and Welfare. Is very nice. I saw it there“, said the host on the air of her television series. What she did not expect is that one of her guests wanted to know more about the meeting.

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Upon hearing the presenter’s story, Laura Di Marco inquired: “Is it true, as legend says, that he wanted to seduce you instead of Evita?”. “No, I never knew that. I would have loved it“, Mirtha shot between laughs and left everyone speechless. “She was very kind to me. There were many actresses, it wasn’t just me,” the diva clarified.

Mirtha Legrand assured that she would have liked Perón to try to seduce her (Photo: Captura eltrece)

Mirtha Legrand was very concerned about the economic situation: “I don’t want my country to suffer”

On Tuesday Mirtha Legrand attended as a special guest the presentation of the latest collection by designer Claudio CosanoHaute Couture 2024, at the Círculo Italiano in Buenos Aires.

A few minutes after the staging on the catwalk, the arrival of La Chiqui was announced with the famous chords of the musical piece “Emperatriz.”, who has always accompanied her in each and every one of her legendary televised lunches. Minutes later, He offered a mini conference to the media present.

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In this pre-parade dynamic, the presenter was very concerned about the situation in the country. For this reason, Mirtha extended a strong message to viewers: “Let’s be optimistic and look at life differently, because Argentina is suffering. I don’t want my country to suffer. “I’m suffering too.”.

In addition, the host extended a message of optimism towards the future. (Photo: TN)

Also, the driver of the thirteen delved into various topics, including his relationship with Susana Giménez, Moria Casán’s foray into the stream format, and his unfiltered opinion on the controversial bust that honors her in his native Villa Cañás.

Regarding the friendship that Mirtha Legrand and Claudio Cosano have had for several decades, The presentation of the designer’s latest work was ideal for her to decide to honor him with a style of her creation.; It consists of a set total white of blazer With a fitted waist and midi skirt. To enhance the design, delicate floral motifs in gold tone rhinestones were incorporated.

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