Strain! Daniela Colett launches “unknown” to Daniela Aránguiz

He entry of Fabio Agostini to Win or Serve? has turned on the alerts from Luis Mateucci after the winner of Brave Land arrived talking to him about Daniela Aránguiz, his ex-partner. But he has not only referred to the ex Mekano with the Argentine model, but this time She revealed to Daniela Colett that Aránguiz is quite upset with her.

And it seems, Colett would not have anything good to say about Jorge Valdivia’s ex-wife. He even launched a strong accusation against him.

It should be remembered, the current panelist of Follow me (TV+) revealed that He had asked the Brazilian to take care of Mateucci inside of the reality.

The conversation occurred while Luis Mateucci and Fabio Agostini were handcuffed for an activity. At that moment, the winner of Brave Land He exposes Daniela Aránguiz’s anger to Eduardo Vargas’ ex-wife.

“She’s angry with you because you asked her for advice, you said you were going to take care of him and you took care of him more than necessary“Agostini told Colett with some irony.

“She told me ‘be careful with him’I told him I would never mess with someone with a partner And he told me ‘take care of me’. So I walk into the house and he tells me he’s single.“, responded the Brazilian.

“She took screenshots of things I told her to send to people. He was not loyal to me, don’t play the victim. I am very calm, I did not do anything wrong, I didn’t come for him. “She’s not my friend, just an acquaintance.”he added.

Furthermore, Daniela Colett revealed that she was sure that Daniela Aránguiz will enter Win or Serve? to face itbut she would not be willing to fight with the ex of “Mago” Valdivia.

She’s going to come in, but I’m not going to fight for men. And if you have doubts, don’t be with me, because “I don’t want a man who has doubts.”launched Luis Mateucci.

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