Neymar faces crazy: he liked a former Big Brother on Instagram :: Olé

Neymar faces crazy: he liked a former Big Brother on Instagram :: Olé
Neymar faces crazy: he liked a former Big Brother on Instagram :: Olé

06/13/2024 09:41am.Updated on 06/13/2024 09:55 a.m.

Neymar He is in Brazil, resting. The Brazilian star is going to miss the America Cup because he is recovering from a ligament injury and is taking advantage of his vacation days to switch to the chip before returning to Saudi Arabia to continue getting in shape. It is no news that Ney copes well both on and off the pitch. On this occasion, he, despite being in a relationship with Bruna Biancardi, The star took the opportunity to make his move with Coti Romero, the former Big Brother, who shared an intimacy with the soccer player..

María Costanza Romero took on a great role in popularity in 2023 when she was part of the Big Brother house. Months later, she was summoned by Marcelo Tinelli to be part of Bailando por un Sueño. And, for this year’s edition of the Telefé reality show, she entered for a few days. However, her life is destined to continue building a career that she started strongly in the media.

In that context, in a program in which the influencer, who has almost five million followers on her social networks, participates, the topic of Neymar came up and it was then that the Corrientes shared the notifications from her Instagram account. She there she showed that, in January, The Brazilian had ‘liked’ one of his stories. They immediately started making jokes about the situation until Coty said: ““I told everyone that this happened to me.”.

Coty Romero from Big Brother

How Neymar’s recovery is progressing

The Al Hilal footballer tore his anterior cruciate ligament on October 17, in Brazil’s 2-0 defeat against Uruguay, in the South American Qualifiers. Since then, Neymar has not stepped on the playing field again and it is expected that he will not be able to add minutes again in July. In fact, He could already be seen doing ball work.

Neymar arrived at Al Hilal in the middle of 2023. However, as a result of his injury, the forward barely scored a goal and played only five games with the team’s shirt. Therefore, although he has a contract until June 2025, his low participation could trigger an early exit.

“What they said is a total lie. There is nothing planned. I have one more year left on my contract with Al Hilal. I hope I can have a great season. I missed this last one. Let’s live little by little. There is a lot of time ahead. Obviously, Santos is my favorite team. “Someday I want to go back, but I don’t have anything planned in my head.”responded Neymar, 32, about his sporting situation.

Neymar continues to recover from his injury. (AFP)

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