Six years in prison for actor who abused an actress from ‘Ugly Duckling’

Six years in prison for actor who abused an actress from ‘Ugly Duckling’
Six years in prison for actor who abused an actress from ‘Ugly Duckling’

The renowned actor Juan Darthés was sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing his colleague Thelma Fardin, with whom he shared credits in the musical series ‘Patito feo’ (2007-2011).

For some years now, the Brazilian has been involved in sexual abuse scandals. Several actresses publicly accused him, but Fardin was the one who reported him to the authorities.

In 2017, actress Calu Rivero accused Darthés, without a criminal complaint, of having harassed her during the filming of the novel ‘Dulce amor’ (2012-2013). They both already knew each other because they also worked on ‘Ugly Duckling’. The actresses Anita Coacci and Natalia Juncos joined her. Read here: Ugly Duckling actor was convicted of sexual abuse of the series’ actress

And in December 2018, the person who made the accusations was Thelma Fardin, who through a video recounted how she was abused by her colleague. Likewise, she filed a criminal complaint with the Gender Violence Prosecutor’s Office of Nicaragua, the country where the events occurred.

In her video Fardin recalled that she was sexually abused in 2009 when she was 16 years old and her colleague was 45. At that time the cast of ‘Ugly Duckling’ was in Managua, where the ‘Ugly Duckling: the cutest show’ tour reached. Read here: Video: It’s official! Christian Nodal confirmed his relationship with Ángela Aguilar

What happened the Argentine actress, who played Josefina Beltrán in that famous series, narrated it through a video published on YouTube.

After several years of judicial process, in May 2023 Juan Darthés was acquitted in a first instance ruling. However, a year later, on June 10, in a second instance, the Federal Court of Second Instance of Brazil sentenced them to six years in prison for sexual intercourse.

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