INAZIO sings to his mother in ‘OASIS’

INAZIO sings to his mother in ‘OASIS’
INAZIO sings to his mother in ‘OASIS’

Inazio continues dancing on the water with Oasis, a song dedicated to his mother and which is a new preview of what will soon become his debut album, Music to dance on the water

Oasis” premieres on June 14, coinciding with the birthday of the artist’s mother, to whom he dedicates a declaration of gratitude as transparent as his lyrics. On this occasion, Inazio explores a love different from that of his previous themes, focused on tenderness and affection towards the woman who gave him life. “It is a selfless, tender and affectionate love, the love of a mother who would do anything for you,” expresses the artist. The single evokes images of nature, such as forests and dew, reflecting the influence of his parents in a composition rich in details.

Music to dance on the water promises to be a collection of deep emotions, marked by the characteristic indie and folk style of the young Navarrese. The pre-sale of the album is imminent, and songs full of sensitivity such as “Although we are on Tuesday”, “Olvia” and “Suave” have already been previewed. The album is structured in three phases that represent the evolution from childhood to adulthood, with “Oasis” being the first song on the album, which opens this musical journey.

This evolution is a journey through water, from the puddles of childhood to the adolescent river and the adult sea. “Oasis It would be that puddle that, when we are little, seems like an immense ocean,” he reflects.

Musically, “Oasis” bears the distinctive seal of Inazio, combining styles ranging from electronic to rock. This single stands out for its direct energy and the notable prominence of the drums, without losing the warmth and melancholy of its melodies, complemented by her soft and emotional voice that defines her musical personality.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the emotional universe of Inazio with “Oasis” and discover what promises to be one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

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