Will Smith revealed which Latin star, linked to Chayanne, was inspired to join social networks

Will Smith revealed which Latin star, linked to Chayanne, was inspired to join social networks
Will Smith revealed which Latin star, linked to Chayanne, was inspired to join social networks


During a visit to Miami, the famous American actor Will Smith He revealed that he was inspired by a Venezuelan actress, singer and model to enter the world of social networks, which today he dominates perfectly. The Oscar winner chose the talent of Lele Pons during the premiere of his movie Bad Boys: Ride or Die, by emphasizing his ability to create captivating content in short videos of just 16 seconds.

The influencer, current wife of the urban singer Guaynaa, was specially invited to the premiere of the film and became one of the first to enjoy the film with the cast. “You were one of the first people I studied when I wanted to start my social networks. I said: she is magic. And how you do the beginning, middle and end in 16 seconds. “It seems spectacular to me,” she told him.

In response to Smith’s praise, Lele Pons expressed her amazement and gratitude. In turn, she took advantage of the moment to say that the admiration was mutual. The young woman replicated her moment on her social networks and wrote: “Eleven years of making videos thanks to Vine and I never thought I would teach him something or inspire someone like him to create content on social networks. “I am still shocked by his words.”.

Will Smith praised Lele Pons for her influencer skillsThe nation

To his message he added: “I am so grateful to have been recognized by a legend like Will! Never give up and keep doing what you love, because you never know who might be watching!” The video quickly went viral and garnered more than 500,000 likes. Among the comments, Lele received congratulations from personalities such as Ricardo Montaneramong many other artists.

The interpreter of the saga uploaded an old photo to his Instagram account in which he is with his co-star from Bad Boys, Martin Lawrence. They both look very young and in a pose very similar to that of the movie poster. To accompany the image, he wrote: “This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of the start of filming of the first Bad Boys. Demons! I was 25 years old, Marty was 29. We were just two kids who were lucky and were able to live our dream on the first try.”.

Later, the actor told how he became a candidate for that role and explained: “Martin Lawrence was the first selected, and it was his sister, Rae, who convinced him to persuade me to get the role of Mike Lowrey. We went to eat, Martin introduced me to the idea and I was hooked.” The actor added that he had asked Lawrence about the script and he admitted that he was not ready yet. “You’re going to have to trust me and get into this.”he replied.

Will Smith’s words before the release of Bad BoysInstagram @WillSmith

According to Smith, instead of listening to the rules of reason, he preferred to follow his instinct: “You know me, you know that I don’t like to walk blindly like that.”. But that was my opportunity to work alongside a comedy genius like him. So I said, ‘There, count me in.’ And the rest is history. Thanks for recruiting me, Martin. “When is the fifth part?” He closed.


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