“Let them tell you that they are going to kill them, I won’t give it to anyone”

“Let them tell you that they are going to kill them, I won’t give it to anyone”
“Let them tell you that they are going to kill them, I won’t give it to anyone”

Karol Román, current partner of singer Pablo Herrera, had a traumatic experience this week being the victim of a violent confinement while he was in his vehicle with his two children. It was she herself who took to her social media to share the details of the terrifying incident.

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On her Instagram account, the motivational coach recounted what the crime was like. “We were approached by three criminals, guys, they weren’t very big. I had the window down a little, they threatened me directly with a gun to my head and the forehead. They obviously asked me to go down, I tried to stay calm. At the moment of lowering another gun towards my stomach,” she explained in his stories.

Additionally, she described the anguish she felt trying to protect her son. “I asked please that I wanted to take my son down, who was in the back because he was sleeping. What they told me most was to bow my head, that I couldn’t look at them, otherwise they would kill me. I asked to take out my son who was blocked, he couldn’t get out when I wanted to take him out. They threaten me again with the gun and my son too, “They are going to kill us,” he said.

He recovered his car, although in poor condition

Fortunately, the vehicle was recovered hours after the assault, although not in the best condition. However, the experience left an indelible mark on Karol and his family. “An instance that I don’t give to anyone because not only did they steal my car, Yes, he recovered hours later, in the early morning, not in the best conditions, but we lost security. And we were completely violated. So it’s a story that I don’t give to anyone,” he said.

With tears in her eyes, Karol Román concluded her story by highlighting the emotional impact of the incident. “Let them tell you that your children are going to be killed, I don’t give it to anyone”, he concluded.

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