Strong criticism against Zendaya for ignoring Tom Holland’s fans after a screening of “Romeo and Juliet”

Strong criticism against Zendaya for ignoring Tom Holland’s fans after a screening of “Romeo and Juliet”
Strong criticism against Zendaya for ignoring Tom Holland’s fans after a screening of “Romeo and Juliet”

The couple retired together from the Duke of York Theater located in London. Credits: TikTok/@ttrappy69

The actress Zendaya once again he showed his support for his partner, Tom Hollandwhen attending another of his functions Romeo and Juliet at the Duke of York Theatre, London, last Thursday night, June 13. Upon leaving her, the actress Euphoria27, was accompanied by several security guards as she stood with a smile on her face.

The video that captured the moment quickly went viral after Zendaya was seen quickly entering a van without interacting with the people who were shouting her name. This act generated criticism from some users who compared her attitude to that of Holland, who, however, left a few seconds later and greeted and was friendly to the fans who were waiting for him outside.

“Spider-Man” actor Tom Holland stars in a version of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” alongside Francesca Amewudah-Rivers (Credit: REUTERS/Getty Images)

However, other users remembered that the protagonist of the work is Holland, and it is the followers of his work who remain outside awaiting his departure.

Since the premiere of the theatrical production on May 23, 2024, Zendaya has been a constant presence at Holland’s performances, although always choosing to maintain a reserved attitude in front of the cameras.

During the first weeks of the premiere, the followers of the Spider-Man performer caused pedestrian congestion and public disturbances around the theater. As a result, new policies were implemented to expedite the departure of actors and minimize chaos. According to The SunHolland has been “more than cooperative when it comes to the new rules” and avoids taking “autographs or selfies” with attendees.

Zendaya attended Tom Holland’s play four times (Credits: Archive)

The season is projected to end on August 3, although recent newspaper reports Mirror from the United Kingdom reported that the play will continue in New York, and will reach Broadway.

“Details will be announced in due course. While director Jamie Lloyd has made a name for himself for his minimalist adaptations of classic texts, Holland is undoubtedly the main protagonist of what is essentially another production of Romeo and Juliet”says the newspaper article.

The play “Romeo and Juliet” will end its season in England on August 3, 2024. (Credit: Getty Images)

Tickets for the London show cost about $210, but that hasn’t dampened enthusiasm for the production.

The news coincides with recent magazine reports People which ensures that Tom Holland and Zendaya They might be thinking about getting married in the near future. According to the media’s source, “there has been talk of marriage and that is a reality.”

Tom Holland and Zendaya began their relationship in 2021. (Credits: Twitter/@samuel_jsilva)

The British actor and the American star are 27 years old and met in 2016, while working together on the trilogy of Spider-Man. Since then, they have kept the details of their relationship private.

The insider added that “they are not the type of stars who build their lives on social media” and that “they are both private,” noting that public attention “has never been easy or comfortable for either of them.”

The couple met in 2016, although Tom Holland had previously expressed interest in the actress. (Credits: Archive)

Zendaya is currently promoting Challenging (Challengers) and Holland still has a long way to go with his theater work, so their jobs keep them very busy.

In a recent interview for Voguethe actress reflected on her relationship with Holland, delving into what it has been like to see him rise to fame after the premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017. “We were both very, very young, but my career was already underway and hers changed overnight,” the former Disney Channel actress said.

“One day you’re a kid and you’re at a club with your friends, and the next day you’re Spider-Man. I definitely saw how his life changed in front of him. But he handled it very well,” he concluded.

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