Santiago del Moro gave details of the grand finale of Big Brother and talked about the criticism of Furia: It’s a…

Santiago del Moro gave details of the grand finale of Big Brother and talked about the criticism of Furia: It’s a…
Santiago del Moro gave details of the grand finale of Big Brother and talked about the criticism of Furia: It’s a…

“It’s nice, you see people you admire, you have a good time, it’s good. When you get here you have to come with the best, beyond the fact that if you win much better and if you lose you go home, nothing happens,” said Santiago in the run-up to the big event of the Martín Fierro from Radio.

About the current edition of Big Brothercommented: “It’s crazy. People come and tell me: ‘why does it stay like this’. And what do you want me to do? I can’t twist what the people want, who vote and choose one thing. The final is in sight” .

Asked about the attitudes of Juliana Scaglione in the house that generate a lot of controversy, the driver explained: “Furia is another player in this competition, very important, but I do my job. I treat everyone with the same respect and then the people are a player, there is no more secret.”

As for the grand finale of the reality show, Santiago del Moro advancement: “The grand final is still missing, no one has won anything yet. It will be one day of the final that the winner is chosen, and the next day a special program with a note, a review of the winner at home, it will be nice.”

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Big Brother: the Bro’s strong campaign to get Furia out of the house two weeks before the final

Already in the final stretch of Big Brother, Telefeit is clear that the remaining participants in the house are playing all their cards to get a place in the grand finale.

Thus, next Monday the public will have to choose between Rage, Martin Ku, Bautista Mascia and Emmanuel Vichso that one of them is out of play.

This being the case, and given the war that Juliana he openly declared to Chinese after the information that his sister brought, letting him know that he should focus on removing the competition Martin, The Bros They started a strong campaign against Ragethe three of them speaking before the house cameras, and exposing all the very ugly attitudes of their partner throughout these six months.

You can change the course of history, so that the same thing, the same speech, is not always repeated. Repeated figurine. That’s it, it’s tiring. “Once and for all he leaves”he asked Martin; while Nico sumo: “Listen to all our colleagues who came out and told things”.

“You are always the best person for her but suddenly you have to shoot this way, ready, she is the worst scum in the world. “Depends on where you point, everything turns around, super circumstantial.”He also added Martin showing the strategic double standard of Juliana when competing.

“There is such a long list of things to name, between lies, misrepresentations, when you make up stories,” expressed about Rage stating that “He has a power of conviction and a voice that makes everything seem true”.

“But you know it’s not, you watched this program for 6 months so please be with us on this one. Enough of double talk, of hypocrisy. “We are tired of this”asked the participant who, although he has already won many prizes throughout these months, always demonstrated fair play.

While, Bauti He emphasized the tremendous effort they make at home to live with Rage. “It’s like that people, everything that is wrong has to end at some point. You already saw it last year, who won? An example of a person, a great guy because in the end people always choose the good. Well now is the time”he highlighted.

“She says that everyone censors her. Who is the one who speaks above the others? “She is constantly yelling at you and talking over you so that you can’t express yourself.”he noted Martin knowing that he is the one the tattooed woman is targeting.

“We know that there are many who think like us and we have to be more than those who support everything else. I know that his character is funny, that he is funny and that at times he can be stupid but everything else is real, what is bad also happens.”finally stated the Uruguayan participant.

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