Adriana Lucía said what she thinks of Gustavo Petro as president and how he has acted

Adriana Lucía said what she thinks of Gustavo Petro as president and how he has acted
Adriana Lucía said what she thinks of Gustavo Petro as president and how he has acted

On the media tour she does promoting her most recent album, ‘Te lo dice en cumbia’, the Córdoba singer does not shy away from political issues, although now she does so from reflection and the experience acquired in the 2021 national strike.

On Caracol Radio, Adriana Lucía recalled that, although she is linked to Gustavo Petro’s campaign, she did not participate there. “I didn’t support the campaign, I supported the protests. People relate it because I made my vote public. “I don’t regret not voting for Rodolfo,” she said. Although she did not mention it, other colleagues of hers did invite people to vote for him.

Precisely about that vote, the singer was clear when pointing out some of the facts that she did not like in the last two years. “I have been disappointed in things that I expected, in things that I knew were not going to be easy.. Because of her, as a citizen that I am, disenchanted with appointments, with things that one dreams of. One does long to leave a less corrupt country, for her children to see her as different, but sometimes hope is closed. However, since I am positive, I believe that we are facing a different citizenry,” she said.

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Adriana Lucía remembers sad story for supporting the national strike

The singer was one of the artists who gave visibility to police abuses and other acts of aggression against, mainly, young people who were in different cities. of the country demonstrating about what was happening with the government of Iván Duque.

His work on social networks and in some marches was so visible that it brought him consequences from which he is currently recovering and which he hopes to completely overcome through music.

“For me, the abuse on social networks was very painful. Difficult. Those who don’t know, I had some serious threats with protocol activation and such. So there you ask yourself as a musician, at what point did I end up in this? At what point in this country, with so much corruption there, they don’t subject a politician to this, but an artist, an athlete, a beauty queen, whatever. Politicians are not held accountable,” he says.

In fact, demonstrating that this fervor to demand from politicians and rulers—which is what society should do—is still there, Adriana Lucía criticized those who have criticized her so much.

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I would like those who steal money to be shaken and bullied just as they do with artists on social networks, but they leave one position for a better one. “That seems unfair to me,” she noted.

Furthermore, in his interview on Caracol Radio he made it clear that having taken a position during the national strike brought him several consequences, which is why now that he has three children he would not know how to act, because he would not like to repeat history.

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“So far I am returning to social networks, but I do not regret thinking how I think and saying my position, at all. I do ask myself: would I do it again? I don’t know because if I don’t take care of my family and if I exposed myself in some way; seeing my son spend December 24 or 31 in a hotel, locked up because we couldn’t go out anywhere, pretending that we are the ones from ‘Home Alone’ (the movie) because I think that for the twins I wouldn’t want to expose them to that in such a difficult country,” he stated.

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