The drama that Furia will have to face if she is eliminated from Big Brother

“You’re not going anywhere with us, Juliana,” wrote the former GH, who cited a moment of enormous tension between Furia and El Chino, hours before the elimination gala. “You earned everyone’s contempt… If you knew that only flower c is waiting for you here hahaha”, sumo.

The CrossFit coach does not seem very concerned about those of her former colleagues who are benching her abroad. Her focus is on getting all her anger out to confront Martín until the last minute and try to expose him to the public.

Big Ari revealed what Big Brother production does to protect Fury

Every time you have to face a plate in Big Brother, Rage He aims at his target and does everything to destabilize it. This week, the player goes against Martin Ku.

On Sunday, at the nominees’ dinner, the CrossFit coach fired hard at El Chino to try to expose him to the public and leave him on the brink of elimination.

Apparently, Furia’s attacks directed at the member of Los Bros did not stop at dinner but continued without stopping. To the point that, in the official broadcast of the reality show, they took the house off the air and put up a plaque.

In the All Access program, in the Telefe streaming, Ariel Ansaldo revealed that the production usually does this to take care of the player.

Big Ari was forceful with his position. “The psychological abuse that Furia exerts with his game is evidently cancelable and they cut the camera so as not to expose it,” he warned.

Martín’s rude mistake at the nominees’ dinner in Big Brother, before the versus with Fury

Martín Ku, Bautista Mascia, Emma Vich and Juliana Scaglione They are on the nomination board Big Brother and everything seems to indicate that a spicy definition is coming.

Tonight one of the four will leave the Big Brother house. According to surveys on the networks, the head-to-head will be between El Chino and Furia. The expectation to know the public’s decision grows and grows.

On Sunday, at the nominees’ dinner, Juliana and Martín had a heated argument. The CrossFit coach accused her partner of orchestrating everything for what she will experience tonight.

“You wanted this versus. You asked for it in the confessional”, Fury said to Chino. At that moment, the boy did not realize it and answered him with a phrase against him: “It’s the versus that you raised. Someone said live: ‘Martín to 9009′”.

Juliana, upon hearing that he released “Martín al 9009” was happy. “You are calling yourself anonymous. Martín, call 9009, ready,” the player finished off.

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