Loving video from Cazzu to Nodal for Father’s Day would reveal their abrupt breakup and reinforce the version of infidelity with Ángela Aguilar

Loving video from Cazzu to Nodal for Father’s Day would reveal their abrupt breakup and reinforce the version of infidelity with Ángela Aguilar
Loving video from Cazzu to Nodal for Father’s Day would reveal their abrupt breakup and reinforce the version of infidelity with Ángela Aguilar

Cazzu dedicated a romantic message to his daughter’s father (Photo: Telemundo)

Christian Nodal and cazzu They could have ended their romantic relationship abruptly at the end of May, very shortly after both singers showed signs of the love they had for each other and without showing a trace of the separation that finally occurred.

The separation, which was officially confirmed on May 23, might not have been as anticipated as it was handled, since it was said that the singers had already been separated for months. Now, a video of the Argentine trapper raised doubts about the exact moment of the breakup.

And that program Today released a video in which cazzu warmly congratulates Christian Nodal on the occasion of Father’s Day in Mexico and Argentina, which occurred on June 16.

Although the video was published recently, it was recorded on May 8, a few days before the separation was announced, reflecting a possible abrupt dissolution of the couple.

The singer shared a message addressed to the father of her daughter Inti Credit: Telemundo

The recording showed cazzu using a nail design that she had displayed in her stories of instagram in April, which suggested that the message was prepared well in advance and to be ready for Father’s Day, which reveals that Cazzu apparently did not have in mind separating from his daughter’s father, as his message was very loving.

This detail fuels the theory that the breakup could have happened unexpectedly and not months earlier, as had previously been speculated on social media.

Furthermore, the video caused a stir because Cazzu addressed Nodal with words of love and gratitude, saying:

“I love you very much, we love you, thank you for being an incredible man, for taking care of us so much”

Christian Nodal and his daughter, the result of the almost two-year relationship he had with the rapper Cazzu. (@speedynodal, Instagram).

Followers of both artists took these details as indications that the separation was more unexpected than what had been officially disclosed.

Apart from the recording time, other elements such as the affectionate tone of the message addressed to Nodal have contributed to speculation about the true moment of the breakup.

These events have fueled theories about a potential case of infidelity on the part of the singer, a narrative that was strengthened with the beginning of his new relationship with Angela Aguilar.

The rumor that Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal already got married in Italy has gained strength in recent days (Photos: Instagram)

The daughter of the famous Mexican singer Pepe Aguilarhas been at the center of a whirlwind of rumors suggesting she is pregnant.

Speculation gained strength after the journalist Blonde Flower stated in the program Come the Joy that Ángela would have married the singer Cristian Nodal due to the alleged pregnancy.

The news coincides with a series of comments on social networks, especially after the publication of a photo of Ángela with her father on Father’s Day.

Some users of networks such as influencer @reniaveneenosa They have interpreted an apparent bulge on Angela’s belly as indicative of pregnancy.

After announcing her engagement to Cristian Nodal, rumors of a possible pregnancy are growing. (@poisonqueen)

During the transmission of Come the JoyFlor Rubio mentioned a conversation with the journalist Maxine Woodsidewho revealed that a reliable source confirmed the pregnancy and hasty marriage of Ángela and Cristian.

Another host of the program, Ricardo Casaressuggested that the speed of marriage could be related to pregnancy.

“If they got married at this speed, it is because she is already pregnant,” commented Casares, adding more fuel to the fire surrounding the speculations.

In response to these rumors, neither Ángela Aguilar nor her family have issued official statements, which has increased expectation among her followers and the press.

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