He would have ended up with her through a message – Publimetro Chile

He would have ended up with her through a message – Publimetro Chile
He would have ended up with her through a message – Publimetro Chile

Shirley Arica She was a guest in the most recent episode of “Unedited”, where the firm told of her intense romance with Arturo Longton.

It should be remembered that both met while they were participants in the reality show “Tierra Brava”, where the Chilean fell in love with the charms and personality of the Peruvian celebrity. However, according to the influencer’s words on Pamela Díaz’s program, he would have broken up the relationship.

“Arturo’s thing came to nothing, not because of me, because everything was fine until he left, we said goodbye and the typical ‘oh you’re leaving, I’m going to miss you’ and that. And we had planned to spend New Year’s together, so as a good Cancerian I idealize everything and relationships. and I said ‘well, I already found my better half against all odds. Yes, I projected myself with him,” she said about her love affair with the reality boy.

Was Shirley in love?

In the interview with “La Fiera”, Shirley made it clear that her feelings for the Chilean were totally genuine, but everything changed when the Channel 13 reality show ended.

“We made plans, we talked, when he returned Karlita interviewed us and I got to talk about my daughter in that interview and it was something that flowed from the moment and it was because I felt it. Then when I saw the things outside I said she was crazy. In the end I lived it and even what I experienced was beautiful and true, not like Chama or Botota said it in a live. It was true but it didn’t work”he added.

Regarding how they stopped talking and the breakup occurred, Arica revealed that it was Arturo who decided to end their relationship through a message.

I had already made my plans and out of nowhere he wrote to me and said in a message ‘look, you know I have thought things through well and I think it is better that we leave things here‘. And in my head I said and my New Year’s trip, my suitcase, my plans and our love…”, Shirley closed.

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