He listened to his mother’s advice, studied a master’s degree in systems and success in wrestling, the history of Eléctrico

He listened to his mother’s advice, studied a master’s degree in systems and success in wrestling, the history of Eléctrico
He listened to his mother’s advice, studied a master’s degree in systems and success in wrestling, the history of Eléctrico

This is the story of the fighter who graduated from the IPN. (IG: @electricocmll)

Electrico was drawn to fighting since he was a child, when his mother, instead of taking him to the movies, took him to the sand. Years later he began training to fulfill his dream.

“At 14 or 15 years old I bought a boxing and wrestling magazine, I saw Sholer and Virus, suddenly I turned to a box that says ‘Wrestling training with Panchito Villalobos’ and it encouraged me,” the fighter declared for the Polytechnic Gazette.

Electric mentions that his mother, who was his best supporthe stressed from the beginning the conditions so that he could continue training: he could not fail a single subject. This warning allowed him to maintain a level of academic excellence, which at the same time helped him to be disciplined in training and raise his level of sports competition.

The fighter understood his mother’s conditions and now they are part of his philosophybecause he believes that many Athletes agree with the discourse in which school is not compatible with sporting passion.

“’I am such a star of such a sport, but I never studied, school was not given to me,’ I think we must remove that taboo; you can do both, We are here to show that it is possible as long as you have that discipline and that decision to be there.comments the athlete to the Polytechnic Gazette.

The fighter gave a conference at the Second Meeting Between Peers organized by the National Polytechnic Institute (FB | CMLL)

When it came time to choose a career entered the Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (ESIME Zacatenco). While in the fifth semester received the opportunity to test his skills in one of the most important stages for wrestling: the Colosseum Arena.

His profession was the one that gave him his name as a wrestler and his alma materthe National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the colors of her outfit. I proudly carry the name of my alma mater in every fight. The polytechnic is my strength, there I found the discipline and support that propelled me towards success inside and outside the ring,” declared the athlete for the official YouTube page of the educational institution.

Being Electric goes beyond the ring, it is a fight together with my community which is done day by day to enhance the cherry and white colors. I am electric and I am proudly polytechnic” Add.

Eléctrico always thanks Poli for everything he learned in his classrooms. (MOSES PABLO/CUARTOSCURO.COM)

His discipline was what led him to succeed both academically and athletically. He managed to be National Lightweight Championwin the small mask Black Warrior and various bodybuilding contests. In addition, she completed her studies in engineering and completed a master’s degree in Systems.

Wrestling for me is everything, it has given me a lot of satisfaction…this is what I love and am passionate about. She has taught me that I must never give upboth professionally and personally,” he commented in an interview conducted by the TV channel. Youtube, The Lucha Libre Club.

The athlete has suffered several injuries throughout his career. The strongest has been Tibial fracturewhich left a rod and four screws in his left leg.

In 2023 patellar tendon injured and was able to return to the ring sooner than predicted thanks to the support of the doctors. “I didn’t believe that such a simple movement could have this consequence, it made me very sad because it was at a moment where I felt complete, I felt physically good and in the fight I am one hundred percent”he declared in 2023 during a press conference.

He saw his recovery as a test that would allow him to come back even stronger., because I already knew the process and how complicated it would be. Furthermore, he stressed that on several occasions people close to him wanted to make him give up his decision.

Retire, ‘Why are you exposing yourself?You have daughters; but You think and see the path you have traveled all those years. I am not the son of a fighter, I have no family here and I have developed thanks to sacrifice. What I have learned is thanks to the classmates I have had and the teachers. It’s what comes back to me. I can’t back down, a fighter never gives up” he comments.

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