Magaly Medina will not go on the air because she has no voice: “We are going to miss today’s show”

Magaly Medina will not go on the air because she has no voice: “We are going to miss today’s show”
Magaly Medina will not go on the air because she has no voice: “We are going to miss today’s show”

The television presenter used her social networks to send a message to her followers explaining the reason for her absence this Monday, June 17. | instagram

Magaly Medina He surprises every night with his presence and his acidic comments on his nightly program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’. The television presenter is a showbiz icon and an opinion leader, so more than one waits for her to find out the latest on the national show.

During the weekend, various events usually happen between the characters of Peruvian entertainment, so we wait until Monday for the popular ‘Magpie’ come with your sharpest comments. This time, the journalist will fail her Peruvian audience due to a health problem.

Through her Instagram account, the wife of Alfredo Zambrano He announced to his followers that he will not be able to appear on his usual programming because he lost his voice. He described this as bad news, since he cannot speak and that is the basis of his program.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

“I have to share some bad news with you, although for others it must be very good. Tonight I will not be able to go on air because I have pharyngitis that does not allow me to speak,” she mentioned while speaking with great effort.

After that, he confessed that he tried to recover as soon as possible, but his medications did not work. For this reason, she will stay at home until she recovers his voice, but he regretted not being able to ‘play’ with the public this Monday, June 17. “I’ve already had all the possible injections, this morning I’ve done all the gargles that have been recommended, but I still fully recover my voice and “Tonight we really had a lot of fun and a lot of fun”he noted.

Magaly Medina He confessed that he felt bad after returning from the cemetery, where he went to visit his father’s grave in the Father’s day. He revealed that on Sunday he was in total silence with the intention of improving. “Yesterday when I returned from the cemetery to see my dad, my voice went away, I couldn’t speak throughout lunch and the rest of the day and today I took a silent cure,” the journalist explained.

Magaly Medina will not go on air due to health problems.

Finally, she assured that although she will not be live today, she hopes that the public will accompany her tomorrow, and that she will return with force. She stated that whatever happens she will be present on Tuesday at her usual time. “We are going to miss today’s event, but tomorrow I promise you that I will be there, even if it is with this voice, but I will be there. Thank you for your understanding, I love you very much,” she stated with obvious suffering from speaking.

In March 2023, Magaly Medina lost his father Luis Medina after being in poor health. The journalist confessed that her father had care at her house because he did not like being in health centers, so he died in the comfort of his home.

This was one of the most complicated news for the journalist to share, since her father had become her greatest inspiration to get ahead. For this reason, on Sunday, June 16, on the occasion of Father’s Day, the figure of atv He went to the cemetery in La Molina to visit his father’s grave.

He arrived at the place with his brothers and his mother, meeting as they did when he was alive. On his Instagram account, he dedicated a few words to her.

Magaly Medina dedicated words to her father.

“This is the second Father’s Day that Dad is not with us, and it is still difficult to cope with the pain of his absence. However; In memory of him, the family gathered together as we used to do when he was alive, to hug each other and toast the parents who accompany us and whom we love,” he concluded.

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