Send a message to Iván Torres

Very much in his style, in Nice to meet you José Antonio Neme sent a sort of “message” to Iván Torres, TVN meteorologist who a few days ago He denied Jaime Leyton -his peer at Mega- for his forecast about the rains.

The situation occurred within the framework of the weather report by the frontal system, on which occasion the Mega expert commented: “In the case of Santiago it could be the second most intense rainfall event in the 140 years of records”.

However, Iván Torres denied this information in Hello, everyone (TVN), where he was consulted by Eduardo Fuentes. “Regarding that, I am going to interrupt you briefly, but the Chilean Meteorological Directorate has statistics for many years and The most intense precipitation, from the year 2000 onwards in Santiago, was 2002“, said.

After Jaime Leyton indicated that there will be two new front systems in the Metropolitan Region and other areas of the country that will leave about 80 millimeters of water in Santiago, between Tuesday and Friday.

“I heard on the radio (…) like you that they have it there and they deny it. “No one can deny Don Jaime!”, stated José Antonio Neme. And he immediately addressed the TVN meteorologist, Iván Torres.

“I’m telling you who is watching, no, because they are on the air at this time, to you who is watching me, Mr. Iván Torres; You don’t have to deny Don Jaime“said the driver of Nice to meet youlooking at camera.

“I lend you clothes, Don Jaime, and much more than that”, he added. For her part, Karen Doggenweiler commented that the Mega expert was “very accurate with the forecasts.”

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