The five paisa celebrities from Master Chef, the reality show that RCN premieres this Tuesday

The five paisa celebrities from Master Chef, the reality show that RCN premieres this Tuesday
The five paisa celebrities from Master Chef, the reality show that RCN premieres this Tuesday

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Paisa cuisine wants to be the protagonist this year in Celebrity Master Chefboth from its preparations and from its cooks.

In its sixth season on the air with famous participants, the cooking show he hosts Claudia Bahamón, It will have five Antioquian celebrities in competition, who come from the world of acting, comedy, journalism and high-performance sports.

The reality show premieres this Tuesday night, at 8:00 pm, in replacement of The house of the famouswith the idea of ​​competing for the rating with XX Challengethese days the most watched program in Colombia.

EL COLOMBIANO spoke with the “chefs” of Medellín about this experience.

Who are they?

1. Caterine Ibargüen

The double Olympic medalist, now retired from the slopes, says that she is really enjoying this project, because it tests her competitive spirit.

“It is a great opportunity in life that I want to make the most of, even though I am scared to death,” commented the Olympic medalist.

Regarding his experience in the kitchen, he said that he is not starving, that he knows how to prepare very good rice and excellent meat. One of her challenges is to start working as a team, because she has always been used to individual work, but she is going to take advantage of the discipline and perseverance that sport gave her to shine in another facet and “so that they can see my personality outside of the tracks”.

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2. María Fernanda Yepes

The actress who returned to live in Medellín, after living in Mexico for more than 10 years, recognizes that before this format she only knew how to cook the basics, traditional food.

“I’m going to enjoy it, I want to learn a lot, the toughest competition will be with myself, more than with my teammates,” says María Fernanda, who admits that her worst preparation was the first episode.

He said that he had already been invited to be on Master Chef, but that this time he was encouraged thanks to the curiosity that cooking aroused in him, after he had to change his eating habits, for a health issue.

His big weak point in the program is said to be time management.

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3. Juan Pablo Llano

The actor arrives Celebrity Master Chef with a great advantage: his wife Catalina Gómez was on the program a couple of years ago and did very well. “She is stricter than the juries,” says Llano, who has been living in Miami for some time.

“I am happy for several reasons, the first is that I like to cook, I am in the most important kitchen in the world, that is real, and finally I returned to my country, I met again with my people and colleagues; I came to have a good time, which is what I like,” acknowledges Juan Pablo, who will show a very emotional side in the program.

He acknowledges that his motivation is to overcome challenges, although he says that he is not much about reality and competitions, but that he knows that Master Chef is a very “familiar” one.

4. Dominica Duque

Before Master Chef Celebrity he got up every day at 4:00 in the morning, to be there before 6:00 a.m. m, on the air on RCN’s La FM, in a panel of journalists led by Luis Carlos Vélez.

His hands, with burn scars, denote his work on the RCN reality show.

“I feel excited to be part of this program, it is a reality show that I have always liked, I thought it was very nice, it allows you to get to know the essence of the participants from the kitchen,” says Dominica, who recognizes that preparations are not her strong point. .

She says that what she likes most is eating, but that she is lazy when it comes to preparing and that she prefers home delivery, but that the program will allow her to change that.

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5. Vicky Berrío

The comedian also has a tough task in the program after the very good results that Medellín comedians have had there in the last three years. First with Frank Martínez, then with Chicho Arias and then with Adrián Parada, all finalists.

She is recognized as the “not” famous of the program, but paradoxically she is one of the most popular and friends among celebrities.

He says that his strengths in the kitchen are discipline and the desire to learn, and that he understands all the doors that the program can open to his career.

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