This is how the Big Brother elimination gala was experienced

This is how the Big Brother elimination gala was experienced
This is how the Big Brother elimination gala was experienced

Before the elimination, Furia had his minute in the confessional and shot Martín: “I’m never going to be Bro. I’m very sorry to everyone who thought I was going to be put in that little group. Today is the first time I’ve fought one of them. I know they’ve told me that enough. So please: Martin at 9009.”

Then, Chino, in the confessional, expressed: “At the end I didn’t feel like talking much or even campaigning because there is a person that with what he says and what he does (by Fury)he’s in charge of campaigning for me. In addition, he highlighted the personality of the participant: “I think that at times, he acts and at other times, he loses his thermal.”

Later, the driver Santiago del Moro -before announcing who was the first participant to drop his plate- he reported that the telephone voting had already closed and that the eliminated one will be known at the gala on Tuesday.

After having explained the details of the elimination, the presenter revealed that Immanuel I could unpack the suitcases. The Cordoban obtained the 0.8 percent of the votes.

Minutes after midnight, the entertainer entered the most famous house in the country and told Baptist that continued in competition. The Uruguayan took 0.1 percent of the public votes. Therefore, Tuesday’s head-to-head match will be between the tattooed woman and Chino.

Nicolás’s strong anguish that worried the Bros in Big Brother: “Breathe”

The participant Nicolas Grosman He is not at his best. The young man is living, in Big Brother (Telefe), a tense situation after the Bros have fought with Juliana ‘Furia’ Scaglione.

It all started last week when Fury declared war on Martin Ku, and, from there, the group is dealing with screams that seek to destabilize the band.

Within hours of the elimination gala, Grosman had a talk with Bautista Mascia where the Uruguayan gave him words of encouragement: “Calm down friend, breathe, everything’s fine. Let’s go upstairs. What’s wrong with you? Talk.” Nico couldn’t answer him and remained silent with teary eyes.

Later, in the patio, Bautista, seeing his companion worried, asked him: “It exhausts you, doesn’t it, Nico?” “Yes, friend… Maybe nothing that we haven’t been through but I want it to move forward, I want the days to pass,” be sincere.

And I add: “I hope he leaves today.” To which the Uruguayan replied: “Yes, it would be spectacular. It would be a gift from God.”

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