Who is the ex with whom Sabrina Rojas would have bet on love again

Who is the ex with whom Sabrina Rojas would have bet on love again
Who is the ex with whom Sabrina Rojas would have bet on love again

Sabrina Rojas I would have bet on love again with an ex. According to reports, this is a man with whom she would have been on the verge of marrying before meeting Luciano Castro.

This Monday on the air of Show Partners (the thirteen), Paula Varela assured: “I found who she is with, it is someone from the past with whom we have seen her when she was very young, it is an ex with whom She was about to get married. Sabrina Rojas is visiting her ex, Juan Pablo, the one he left for Luciano.”

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They claim that Sabrina Rojas would be dating an ex (Photo: Instagram /rojassasi – Captura eltrece)

Immediately afterwards, the journalist gave more details: “Is called Juan Pablo Inigizianhe is known as ‘the Armenian’”. “There we see that she is following him in instagram. I recently spoke with Sabrina, I asked her about him and she was evasive. They were there like having something. Did you see that she says that she is never alone. Well, we already know she isn’t,” she added mischievously.

In closing, he warned that he was in a relationship with Daniela Urzi, with whom he had many comings and goings, but that he has been alone for some time.

This is not the first romance that has been attributed to the host since her separation from El Tucu López. In mid-April, Sabrina shared a suggestive photo for which she was linked to Juan Martinobut later they were not seen together again.

What Sabrina Rojas had said about the versions of the affair with Juan Martino

In mid-April, Sabrina Rojas and Juan Martino They faced strong romance rumors. It all arose from a photo that the media uploaded to his Instagram account in which he could be seen with the actress.

To clear up doubts, Luciano Castro’s ex broke the silence on the program that Yanina Latorre hosts on the air The Observer (FM 107.9). “I don’t go out with anyone, I hope. Yes I know him (Juan) because those who come out are some of our friends. So We met and we were bonding lately with barbecues, meals and things… with more people”, he acknowledged.

Juan Martino’s photo with Sabrina Rojas (Photo: Instagram/juan_manuel_martino)

Regarding the image of both of them together that went viral on the networks, Rojas commented: “I don’t go out. We uploaded the photo because we were laughing at our friends… These are stupid things you do when you have some fernet on you. And the next day you say ‘oh, what a need.'”

Finally, he closed, opening the door to having a romance with the former participant of The famous hotel (eltrece): “But we don’t go out, for nowI don’t want to say ‘we didn’t go out’ and then something happens…”.

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