Kevin Costner explains his departure from “Yellowstone” and contemplates returning under certain conditions

Kevin Costner explains his departure from “Yellowstone” and contemplates returning under certain conditions
Kevin Costner explains his departure from “Yellowstone” and contemplates returning under certain conditions

“Yellowstone” Season 5 Preview: (Credit: Paramount)

The renowned actor Kevin Costner recently shared the reasons behind his departure from the series Yellowstone and the conditions under which I would consider returning. Costnerwho played John Dutonleader of the family, left the popular drama of Paramount Network after having headed five seasons between 2018 and 2023.

During your participation in the program Today, of the chain NBCthe actor explained that one of the main reasons was production time management. “The material has to be ready at certain times and we couldn’t do it. After five years I thought: I’m not going to do this.”he commented. Costner He mentioned that he wanted to work more than once a year and that there was a time when he missed an entire year of production, which he couldn’t repeat.

Savannah Guthriepresenter of Todayinvestigated the details of his departure, and Costner He stressed: “I did it for five years and I thought I had already done it, to be in a position to do things.” Furthermore, he assured that The return was conditional on “the right circumstances.” “If we can do it, we can do it, and I will do it”said the Oscar-winning actor.

Kevin Costner left Yellowstone due to production problems. (Credits: Paramount+)

Despite his departure, Costner He expressed all his support and love for the project. “I have supported that and I have loved it, it has been very important for me. I would love to return under the right circumstances. I think that’s what we all want,” she commented. The possibility of a return is not ruled out if conditions align again.

In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, Costner commented on his next film, horizon, a western directed by himself. In the conversation, he mentioned that he had not yet contacted Taylor Sheridancreator of Yellowstone, about the final season of the drama that will premiere in November. “He likes a lot of things that I like, and the idea of ​​us working together is not out of the question for me,” said.

The final season of Yellowstone will premiere in November without Costner. (Credits: Paramount+)

Costner’s debut in Yellowstone was in 2018, playing John Dutton, owner of the iconic Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in Mountain. The series follows various conflicts on the ranch, including confrontations with developers and the nearby reservation of Broken Rock. The next season of the series will begin production and return in November, according to reports Entertainment Weekly.

During the Interview, Costner He reiterated his willingness to return to the project: ““There is always a possibility for me to return to the world of Yellowstone because I had a deep love for the project.”. The series was created and largely written by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Hell or High Water, Taylor Sheridan.

“Horizon” is Kevin Coster’s new project that will debut in two parts, the first in June and the second in August. (Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

For your followers, Costner He made it clear that he intensely valued the time dedicated to the series and the quality of the work done. Costner He emphasized: “I love the topics that Taylor chooses, they are very interesting to me. Yellowstone “It stands out as something that could continue, but that’s a question for Taylor.”

The contribution of Costner to Yellowstone has been significant, and fans hope to see him on screen again if conditions align. Meanwhile, his immediate future focuses on his project horizonwhich will debut in theaters in two parts: the first on June 28, followed by the second on August 16, dates confirmed for the United States.

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