What is Netflix House, the immersive experience of the platform that will arrive in 2025

What is Netflix House, the immersive experience of the platform that will arrive in 2025
What is Netflix House, the immersive experience of the platform that will arrive in 2025

Netflix House, the immersive experience of the platform that will open from 2025

Netflix has announced the opening of the first Netflix Housestwo innovative entertainment spaces that will open their doors in 2025. One of these houses will be located in the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvaniawhile the other will be located in Dallas Gallery, Texas. These locations will offer visitors an immersive experience that will combine shops, restaurants and activities related to some of the platform’s most popular franchises, such as The Bridgertons, Stranger Things and The squid game.

The Netflix Houses will occupy former department store locations, with more than 100,000 square feet dedicated to creating an environment where fans can interact with their favorite characters and settings off-screen. According to the company, these experiences will be based on previous temporary live events, such as those of The Money Heist and Netflix Bites. Marian Lee, director of marketing at Netflix, explained it like this: “At Netflix House you can enjoy immersive experiences, shop and try food and drinks inspired by Netflix series and movies”. Lee highlighted that the true purpose of these houses is to encourage fan interaction and support the platform’s core business, which is streaming subscriptions.

On the outside, the Netflix Houses will attract visitors with sculptures and murals of iconic Netflix characters, creating an atmosphere that begins to captivate before entering. Inside, activities will be designed to allow a deep connection with the series. Attendees will be able to participate in dances set in the opulent settings of The Bridgertons or test your skills in competitions inspired by the challenges of The squid game.

These activities are not the only attractions. The restaurants will offer themed menus, allowing visitors to sample food and drinks inspired by their favorite shows. From elegant banquets to style The Bridgertons to more contemporary and bold dishes that could come out of Stranger Things, the gastronomic offer promises to be an integral part of the experience. Additionally, the stores in the Netflix Houses will sell exclusive merchandise. Fans will be able to purchase collectibles and unique items, such as Hellfire Club t-shirts. Stranger Things, available only at these locations. This exclusive merchandise adds additional appeal for fans looking to take home a tangible memento of their experience.

Photograph provided by Netflix of a scene from the third episode of the first season of the South Korean series “Squid Game.” EFE/ Netflix

The choice of King of Prussia Mall and Galleria Dallas as the first locations is no coincidence. Both are major shopping centers that attract large numbers of visitors and represent a diverse audience. With these locations, Netflix hopes to not only attract its current subscribers, but also capture the attention of new fans who can discover the richness of its content through these immersive experiences.

Netflix has already had success with temporary live experiences, and now it’s looking to capitalize on that enthusiasm by bringing these experiences to a more long-lasting environment. Netflix Houses aim to offer a space where fans can experience stories in a completely new way, thus reinforcing the bond between the platform and its subscribers.

Netflix Houses will be open to the public starting in 2025, marking a new way in which the platform’s content connects with viewers. These first openings in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and Dallas, Texas represent just the beginning of what could become a broader network of spaces dedicated to Netflix-style immersion and entertainment.

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