Ariana Grande reveals why her voice changes when she speaks

Ariana Grande reveals why her voice changes when she speaks
Ariana Grande reveals why her voice changes when she speaks

Last week the singer Ariana Grande30, sat in front of the actor Penn Badgley, host of the “Podcrushed” podcast, where celebrities share their most meaningful teenage memories. He talked about his time on television and revealed some of the most disturbing moments, as expected. Among them, her participation in several Nickelodeon series, produced by Dan Schneideraccused of abuse and creating a toxic environment by several of the performers of some of his most popular productions, such as “Zoey 101” or “Victorious.” Arianna reflected on this and called for changes in the entertainment industry, especially to protect underage actors.

Looking back, she looked surprised: “We feel very privileged to have been part of this project that was so important in the lives of some children. I think we’re reprocessing our relationship with the show. Speaking specifically about our show, I think we thought that the humor used was what set us apart.” He concluded: “I think it all happened very quickly. Now, looking at some clips, I’m like, Ugh, really? I think about what would happen if she were my daughter.”

The highlight of her conversation with Badgley came when Ariana changed her voice register. His tone, usually sweet and serene, suddenly transformed into a low, hoarse sound and returned to a much higher pitched sound. This alteration, which was imposed, did not go unnoticed on social networks. It took a few hours for a fragment of his interview to go viral and users to express their own opinions. The majority version is that the twist was due to her latest film work, “Wicked”, where she plays Glinda, a good witch. She herself had explained that she had to deconstruct herself to face this character.

In the face of so much speculation, he has recognized that the change of voice is due to a need to protect your vocal health.Ariana Grande stands out for her high vocal range and the largest range of light lyrical soprano. Her voice has been compared to that of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, but she should take care of her vocal cords.

The singer and actress, with seven number 1 debuts, continues to achieve success. She started a great year by placing “Eternal Sunshine” and “We ca n’t be Friends” on the podium, although undefined has caught up with the performer with the release of “The Tortured Poets Department.” On June 21, Ariana will present a remix of “The boy is mine”, a tribute to Brandy and Monica’s 90s song of the same name. “I can’t believe this is real, nor do I know if I will believe it even when I’m out. My most sincere and profound thanks to Brandy and Monica, not only for joining me at this time, but for their generosity, kindness and the multiple ways in which you have inspired me,” he wrote on his networks.

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