Camila Cabello and the surprising collaboration of a Formula 1 driver for her next video – Music

Camila Cabello and the surprising collaboration of a Formula 1 driver for her next video – Music
Camila Cabello and the surprising collaboration of a Formula 1 driver for her next video – Music

Camila Cabello He is a week and a half away from releasing his new album, ‘C, XOXO’, and has been sharing new details about this project through social networks.

It last that we have known is related to their song number six on the album, ‘Dade County Dreaming’, the last one he composed for that fourth studio project. This will be a collaboration with City Girls, the hip hop duo formed by Yung Miami and JT, has had a extra that has surprised the entire world.

Lewis Hamiltonthe Formula 1 driver, has appeared in a preview of the video clip of that song mentioned. In the fragment we can see several aerial shots, combined with the action and speed of the luxury vehicle that Hamilton drives with Camila as co-pilot.

We could already see them together in the studiothanks to a publication on networks that a fan has rescued to show her astonishment: “I KNEW YOU HAD SOMETHING ON YOUR HANDS.”

Others followers They added to the amazement at this unexpected collaboration and expressed their excitement at listening to this new album by Camila: “This album improves every day with each song”, “Camila is making an album for the summer and I couldn’t be more excited”, “When When I first heard ‘I LUV IT’ I thought this album was going to be rubbish, but after ‘HE KNOWS’ he proved me wrong and literally every song seems better than the last.”

All songs from ‘C, XOXO’

There is nothing left to listen to this fourth studio album by Camila Cabello. The artistthat used a very romantic technique To communicate some of the names of these themes, he has already shared the complete list. The fans It didn’t take them long to fill social media with comments expressing their desire to hear Camila’s new release: “This album is the most interesting thing that has happened to pop culture in a long time”, “She’s back and we are SO EXCITED”, ” We will buy and listen to this piece of album”, “The two collaborations with Drake are going to give us a lot to talk about.”

These are the 14 ‘C, XOXO’ names that have confirmed the rumors that we told you about a few weeks ago:

  • ‘I LUV IT’ (feat. Playboi Carti)
  • ‘CHANEL NO. 5’
  • ‘HE KNOWS’ (feat. Lil Nas X)
  • ‘DADE COUNTY DREAMING’ (feat. JT and Yung Miami)
  • ‘HOT UPTOWN’ (feat. Drake)
  • ‘UUUGLY’ (feat. Drake)
  • ‘305TILIDIE’
  • ‘BOAT’


“It was very important that the album felt that way, personal. Pop music is very uncomplicated, it has only one side. In a strange way, this album shows those chaotic scenarios, once toxic; and I think all human beings are like that – complicated, messy and super complex.” manager of the artist, Gold, continued talking about the perspective of music in the industry: “There is pressure in general not to change things too much: If something isn’t broken, you don’t have to fix it. Camila is not this type of artist.” Camila will launch ‘C, XOXO’ on June 28 and, for the moment, he has no expectations: “Many things can happen, it is out of my reach. I wish I had known, when I was starting, that not everyone was going to like it, that has nothing to do with it. see with me.” About his beginnings: “That affected me a lot at first. When you’re young and you just want love and acceptance, you don’t understand why people don’t like you. When you get older, you realize that people’s reactions have nothing to do with you and that you don’t have to feel personally affected by it.. “I’m much more at peace with it now.”

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