Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose: from the wedding to a bitter divorce full of accusations in seven months | People

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose: from the wedding to a bitter divorce full of accusations in seven months | People
Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose: from the wedding to a bitter divorce full of accusations in seven months | People

It’s been less than a month since Disney Channel’s most famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, filed for divorce from his second wife, Firerose (real name Johanna Rosie Hodges), 27 years his junior. The marriage between the father of singer Miley Cyrus and the Australian singer also ended just seven months after their wedding. And everything indicates that despite their short marriage, this is not going to be an easy divorce, since since the filing of the divorce papers there has been a series of accusations between the two in court. Some accusations that have made headlines. In the official documentation of the lawsuit that Billy Ray Cyrus filed in Williamson County, Tennessee (USA), on May 23, and to which the American magazine had access People, the singer alleged irreconcilable differences between the two and also accused Firerose, 35, of maintaining “inappropriate marital conduct.” The counter-accusation did not take long to arrive. The singer denied that assumption and, instead, she accused Cyrus of acting inappropriately, to the point of feeling “unsafe” living with him. As the weeks have passed, the waters have continued to become agitated and cloudy.

The entire divorce process intensified on June 13, when Billy Ray Cyrus asked the judge for a temporary restraining order to prevent Firerose from accessing his personal and business accounts and credit cards, alleging that the Australian had spent $100,000 ( about 93,000 euros at the current exchange rate) in “unauthorized purchases after separation.” “Throughout the process, the parties must coexist according to the status quo during marriage. The wife was simply living as she has since October 10, 2023 and her husband has no right to interrupt her,” the singer’s lawyers argued in response to Cyrus’ request. They also claimed that the accusation was false: “To claim that the wife has filed 37 unauthorized charges is false.”

Last Monday, June 14, it was Firerose who filed a countersuit, in which she recounts how Cyrus made her live in a “psychological and emotional prison,” and requested a divorce one day before undergoing a preventive double mastectomy. The singer was diagnosed as a carrier of a gene that increased her chances of suffering from breast cancer, so after facing constant tests and listening to recommendations from several doctors, she decided to undergo the preventive intervention on May 24. The artist accuses Cyrus of having maintained “unpredictable and volatile” behavior that amounted to “extreme verbal, emotional and psychological abuse,” and which she explains by “her persistent drug use accompanied by marijuana use.” According to legal documents, the weeks leading up to the surgery were like “walking on eggshells” for Firerose.

As reported in the complaint, collected by US media such as People either Page Six: “With his wife’s major surgery date approaching, she was reasonably afraid to leave or seek any kind of help because she feared her husband would interfere with her surgery or her long recovery at home.” As the procedure date approached, “things at home became chaos,” and the singer finally filed divorce papers on May 23, one day before the operation. After the couple’s wedding in October 2023, Cyrus paid for Firerose’s health insurance and “was prepared” to pay any surgical expenses that were not covered, according to the complaint. “The wife relied on the husband’s promises to pay for her surgery, and the husband has now repudiated that promise,” read the documents revealed by the magazine. People. “On the day the wife was going to have surgery, she was looking for a place to live and was under a significant amount of emotional distress.”

The response of the artist, who became famous in the nineties thanks to his success Achy Breaky Heart, the counterclaim took just three days to arrive. Earlier this week, Billy Ray Cyrus filed an amendment to his initial lawsuit in which he reveals that Firerose “attempted to isolate him from his family,” blocking communication with one of his daughters. This new demand, to which the American magazine has also had access Peopleexplains that the singer discovered “that his then wife blocked at least one of his daughters [no se explicita cuál de ellas], so as not to be able to contact her through her mobile phone and email.” It should be noted that many media outlets have been talking for months about a possible bad relationship between Miley Cyrus and him after marrying Firerose – his father and mother, Tish Cyrus, were married for almost 30 years – something that would have been reflected when the protagonist of Hannah Montana He didn’t mention him in his acceptance speech when he won his first Grammy Award last February. Neither of them has commented on the matter.

In his new allegation, Billy Ray Cyrus also claims to have been the victim of several lies by his still wife, with whom he began a relationship in 2021 and whom he met years before in the set from the series Hannah Montana, when she was just a teenager. She “lied about being married twice before, she lied about her last name and she is trying to use the Cyrus last name to advance her own career.” The singer continues to maintain her married name on her Instagram, where she has amassed 175,000 followers and can be seen in multiple posts with Cyrus — as well as on his profile, which for now has not deleted the photos on the that appear together. Although no verdict has yet been heard from the judge, the protagonists of this bitter breakup continue to fire bullets in the blame game.

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