Foro Sol: the architecture of the now GNP Stadium

The stadium that has seen concerts, Formula 1 races and baseball games.Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images.

Architectural details of the GNP Stadium

One of the most notable features is the green steel structure of its two stands with a baseball stadium design and that both have capacity for 37 thousand 500 people. In addition, a large esplanade was planned in the center to 25 thousand more people.

Another feature was to make a layout of the autodrome track in the middle of the stands.

Its construction was completed in 1997 and It was named after a beer that the venue sponsors.. The inauguration was done with a Monster Trucks-Motocross show and a concert by none other than David Bowie.

During its 23 years of existence the place has undergone several modifications. Among the most relevant are those they made for the series CART which took place in 2002. At that time the track, which was already used as a baseball field, was modified to maintain the possibility of hosting car races and thus maintain the essence of the track that crosses the middle of the speedway, a characteristic who has taken advantage since his return to our country of Formula 1 at the Mexican Grand Prix.

The venue has proven its versatile spirit by hosting music festivals such as the Live latino and, recently, the electronic music festival EDCworld-class concerts, sporting, religious and cultural events.

For him architect Moyao López, Foro Sol It was the first of many venues designed exclusively for entertainment. With it, he won the prize Best Sports Facility awarded by the Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute of the United States.

Between the stands and the esplanade, Foro Sol can accommodate 62,500 people.

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The GNP Stadium

“He GNP Stadium will reopen its doors to continue being the global benchmark venue in which the best national and international artists connect with their fans,” said Alejandro Soberón Kuri, Founder and CEO of OCESA. This will have a capacity of 65 thousand attendees and better benefits for greater comfort such as more comfortable seats and larger food spaces.

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