More than 100 thousand people have seen Luna de mier…, from the Barefoot Eagle

More than 100 thousand people have seen Luna de mier…, from the Barefoot Eagle
More than 100 thousand people have seen Luna de mier…, from the Barefoot Eagle
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Carlos Mario Aguirre and Cristina Toro, from the Barefoot Águila, They continue to break attendance records and achieve success and praise on stage.

With his new comedy shit moon…with which they have just returned from a tour of the United States, There were already more than 100,000 attendees at this comedy, who has been touring different cities in Colombia and the world.

In the world of theater it is very rare for a proposal to reach these attendance figures. shit moon It premiered in early 2023.

In view of the great reception by the public with the performances on June 7 and 8 at the Metropolitan Theater, two new presentations were scheduled for this Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22 on the same stage.

The actress and writer Cristina Toro highlights that this comedy is a commitment to love “that by accepting ourselves as fallible beings, we can also live on the honeymoon.” The proposal has a lot of the experiences of both artists.who have been together for 39 years with the Águila Descalza collective and have released 40 comedies.

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He highlights that “this work goes through different stages about what love and relationships are and that illusion that falls apart many times after that first wedding night, in the so-called honeymoon.”

Is that being on whom expectations of shared happiness are placed really a stranger? What happens to the word infatuation when the “fall in love” ends and the “lie” begins? Why is it so difficult to end a relationship, even if it is destroyed? Why do couples fight so much? and Is there a secret formula to achieve a honeymoon life? These are some of the reflections that Carlos Mario and Cristina, in the midst of their characteristic smoke, make about this stage of their sentimental life.

For these two performances in Medellín, the last before the premiere of a new proposal at the end of the year, the cost of Tickets to the Metropolitan Theater are 130,000, 100,000 and 80,000 pesos. Tickets can be purchased at

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Entry permitted for ages 12 and up, minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Along with these two functions, Águila Descalza has programming in its new headquarters, called El Solar del Águila, located in the same area of ​​the Prado neighborhood, in Medellín, a space for gatherings, art, culture, humor and gastronomy.

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