Karol G will premiere If I Had Met You Before – Publimetro Colombia

Karol G will premiere If I Had Met You Before – Publimetro Colombia
Karol G will premiere If I Had Met You Before – Publimetro Colombia

Karol G He continues to shine and take leaps and bounds in his career, since the release of two albums in the same year such as ‘Mañana Sera Bonito’ and ‘Bichota Season’ were only a small part of what he experienced in 2023.

Musically, he continues to bring the best of his repertoire to various cities around the world on his tour ‘Mañana Sera Bonito Tour’, with which he arrived in Germany a few days ago and in which a more than fun event took place. And a video has become trending on social media in which fans were waiting for her outside the hotel in Germany.

And when she got into the vehicle that would take her, she took the phone of one of those present and continued recording, but she forgot to return it and is now looking for its owner. The singer did not hesitate to make a call through her social network to give it back to the owner and return it.

New song by Karol G

However, this time he is in the news again to announce that in a few hours he will release what will be his new song with which he will now experiment with touches of merengue and which is called ‘If I Had Known You Before’.

The singer released an excerpt of the song that apparently already has a music video, so the premiere would be in style this June 20. In the clip she is seen on a bower in the best Caribbean style with some flags in the background

They say it sounds just like Shakira and Rosalía

The reactions did not take long to arrive, as some applauded the fact that he brings new music while they wait for the vallenato that he will launch with Silvestre Dangond, but despite the contagious nature of the song, there are those who claim that it is similar to two songs by Shakira and one by Rosalía.

“That mischievous smile so you know

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